Saturday, November 5, 2011

Living in a huge shell .

When the architectural team Arquitectura Org├ínica has an unexpected order from a family in 
Mexico, considered that this was a big challenge: They had to rebuild a "conventional" house
on the outskirts of the city, so that it resembles an enormous shell!

This original home of the young couple with the two children,constructed entirely of a durable
material, which consists of a steel wire and super-thick concrete.
The structure is so strong and that can withstand earthquakes and various other natural 
disasters, and its maintenance requires very low cost.
The interior decoration is reminiscent of greatly marine landscape, having selected pebbles for
bathrooms and earthy colors of the walls, while the bright colors on the outside helped in order to
integrate fully in the natural environment of the province. The rooms are designed in such a way
as to remind owners that live in a large circular shell, moving from one place to the other ... as if
the snails!

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