This isn’t a post about a really cool house. Or some really neat piece of architecture that serves as a business or commercial space. This is post is about how taking just a little bit of time to design something modern and accessible and useful, even when it’s applied to something that might not necessarily usually have or even need modern design, can make something so, so wonderful. And having ties to a myth about sea serpents also involved? This is like our favorite thing ever. 
From Architizer:
“The myth about a sea serpent in the lake of Seljord has become an integral part of how the local people of Telemark conceive its majestic landscape. Tales about mysterious phenomena in the lake have flourished for centuries and are a natural part of the daily life in the area.”
“In 2008, the municipality of Seljord decided to use this mythical feature as a point of departure for a development programme for the area. They commissioned Rintala Eggertsson Architects to design different lookout points around the lake to ease the access for local population and visitors to experience the lake at some important places. The assignment was divided into two parts; first to design three small installations in the mid- and southeast section of the lake and then to design a main viewpoint in the southwest end of the lake, close to the small town of Seljord.”
Images: Dag Jenssen via Architizer