Monday, December 5, 2011

60 Sloane Avenue| London | United Kingdom

location London
function office
contributed by davidb
This building began life in 1911 as a warehouse for the famous Harrod's department store, located about 1km away. Occupying a whole block, it was converted into offices in the 1960s. Three decades later, Stanton Williams won the limited competition to bring the building up to date and increase the rentable floor area. Their strategy was to add a 4/5 storey "L" shaped extension over the podium to compliment the height of the original building; locking around it to create an internal top-lit linear atrium. Externally, the original sandstone fa├žades were retained, and the new insertions treated in a clearly identifiable contemporary fashion. The ground floor is devoted to retail, with the office entrance tucked away in a slot off Sloane Avenue. 
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