Thursday, December 8, 2011

The value of a dekadrachmon (ten drachmas) 2,500 years old

"Do not rush to say that the value is 2 to 3 cents because it can be surprised by the answer."
This dekadrachmon (ten drachmas) aged nearly 2,500 years and is one of the finest and rarest in the world.
In fact it is a masterpiece that was created in the Greek city of Agrigento in Sicily between 409 and 406 BC
On one side depicts a man on a chariot with four horses and on the other an eagle holding in the claws of his prey.
This is one of only 12 coins in the world and comes at auction by a U.S. company that owns it.
The value from which to start the auction will be among the highest it has ever been auctioned for a currency. The amount of entry will be the ... $ 2.5 million!

Athens By Bike: A concept to reduce carbon emission

Athens by bike is an electric bike sharing concept which is designed to support transportation of tourists to the historic center of Athens. It includes eleven stations at specific areas of Athens. Each station consists of terminals where bikes are locked and charged and a central unit with screen and other necessary information-maps. On the top of the station there are solar panels that supply the central unit and the terminals.

  • front view
  • close-up screen 
  • top view


Being in Greece, Marianna Pappa must be seeing millions of tourists, visiting her place every year. When the population increases, the amount of fuel consumption and the other basic needs will be more in demanded. It is a time consuming process to wait till people learn to understand about utilizing green resources. Instead, if they are made available, people will start using them and understand their uses by practice. The designer has rightly created an opportunity to make people choose green resources, especially for the tourists who visits places to enjoy their serene beauty and culture.
The highlight of this concept is the design of a central tower in its terminals. The vehicle extracts their charges from the individual booths, which are connected to the central tower. This tower is three to four times higher than the individual booths. A circular solar panel is equipped on top of the control tower, which helps to convert the solar energy into useful electrical energy. This energy is fed to the individual booths through their links. The total setup utilizes green energy extracted from the solar rays.

Dream Home : Madrid Residence by Benjamin Calleja

Please find your passport; we are going to Madrid for this next one. The stunning location is the perfect backdrop for the dream residence designed by architect Benjamin Calleja. Becoming a work of art in itself, the home was constructed and provided with interior elements that utilized the industry’s top quality materials, producing a unique visual project.

The design was constructed a clean-lined horizontal, solid and weightless in volume, and provides an open-air space that invites the exterior inside. The ground floor and main social space includes a lounge area, dining room, and kitchen where guests can relax against the gorgeous view. The second level encompasses the private areas, yet is still open to the first level to still provide the open aesthetic.

Dynamic contrast between white Viroc panels and dark volcanic stone provide a dynamic exterior. A pathway of limestone slabs bypasses a sheet of water, and connects it to the garden which is perfect for entertaining. The outdoor dining features an additional lounge space and cinema screen with audio-visual equipment.

Spending time inside, one will notice the unique crafts that have been used through decoration and provide another artistic and cultural element to the home. The kitchen combines with the dining room, and showcases a solid teak dining table. The master bedroom is home to a built-in volcanic stone bed, and has an integrated bathroom separated by glass wall.

Hope your bags are packed by now!

source | Interior Design Blog

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