Saturday, December 10, 2011

Introducing the ......Birding Hotel

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HereÔÇÖs a project by Morris Architects that was a runner up in a 2009 hospitality design competition called “Radical Innovation,” looking for new creative ideas for hotels.  With little criteria defined in the competition brief, the project calls for the opposite of a branded, cookie-cutter hotel solution to be applied anywhere; but rather one that relies heavily on context and environment - largely because it is so program driven, requiring special responses to the habitats of local birds.  Their response created two prototypes, one in Alaska; the other in Costa Rica, covering the two extremes of climate found in birding, cold, and dry; and hot, and humid.
While IÔÇÖm not convinced there is really such a thing as “birding honeymoons,” or “birding family holidays,” (see project description below); the architecture itself is seductive, and appears to contain enough other program and amenities, that such a venture could succeed as a boutique hotel attracting anyone, not just bird enthusiasts, purely for the amazing scenery.

Inspiration : 10 Beautiful Ceiling Designs

source | Interior Design Blog
Designed by Takeshi Sano
We have collected hundreds and hundreds of images of interior design for inspiration since we started We have compiled it for you and sorted it Room by Room. Now weÔÇÖd like to share them with you. Today we present to you 10 beautiful ceilings.

Designed by Francesco Maria Bandini

Designed by Stephen Marshall Architects

Designed by Wonderwall Inc

Designed by Wonderwall Inc

Designed by Pascal Arquitectos

Designed by Alchemy Design Studio

Source : Delight by Design

Designed by Jarmund/Vigsn├Žs Arkitekter

Designed by Agraz Arquitectos

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