Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inntel Amsterdam-Zaandam

as Manufacturers 
 The new Hotel Inntel Amsterdam-Zaandam is the new focal point of the renewed city center of Zaandam. The typical green wood homes of Zaandam served as an inspiration for the Dutch architect Wilfried van Winden (WAM Architects in Delft) in his design of the hotel. The hotel is a cheerful amalgam of the various traditional Zaan houses. The hotel is unique in its identity, originality and stubbornness. The hotel opened in the beginning of April; it is conveniently accessed via motorway and train---the hotel is directly opposite the railway station of Zaandam.

A House Made of Two


This beautiful architectural project explores the concept of modern living in an urban area. The architects decided to split a house in two - starting with one large volume and then carving it in a curve in three segments - resulting in two houses built slightly apart from one another with an inner courtyard connecting the two.This unique family home provides its owners with more life style options, allowing them to split their daily lives between two houses; the smaller unit could serve as a guesthouse, a home office, a space to watch movies, invite grandparents to move in or provide privacy for grownup kids.
Both houses are similar in design to emphasis the relations of the two structures, being originally from ‘one great volume’ though now split apart.


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