Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thermaikos Bridge |Greece

 project by Maria Malindretou-Vika
3d visualization by Panos Voulgaris
The proposal for the New Bridge at the gulf of Thermaikos, Thessaloniki manages to adapt to the specificities of the area, through thorough analysis, in order to resolve and overcome numerous limitations. The realization of the proposed connection, spanning 7 km of open sea, is the response to the needs and requirements of the metropolitan center of Thessaloniki and to the necessities of its inhabitants. While becoming part of the freeway “Via Egnatia” the project aims to improve the highway infrastructure system of the city. The new highway that will connect “Via Egnatia” with the freeway “New Egnatia” is the result of observation and survey of the contemporary architecture and urban planning worldwide. The design is guided by the requirements and the limitations of the project area, while taking in consideration the social, political and economical status of the city of Thessaloniki, respecting its historical importance and contemplating on the preservation of the gulf’s ecosystem.

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