Monday, December 19, 2011

World Business Centre-Busan, South Korea.

The goal of the competition is to create a landmark for the city and the region with a family of high-rise towers at the cityÔÇÖs most select location, crowned by a super high-rise which is to be the tallest tower in Asia. The proposal presents a strategy for an economically and structurally safe and sustainable development, enabling a phased realization. The towers are all based on the same mathematical principle of rolling curves, which in plan result in a circular core with smaller circles woven into its circumfer
ence like the petals of a flower. This principle has the potential of being worked out in different ways for each of the towers and affords the user-based features of an open, adaptable plan, and panoramic views. The position of the buildings on site guarantees maximum ocean view for both the residential towers.

Client: Busan International Architectural Culture Festival Organizing Committee
Location: Busan, South Korea
Building area: 10465 m2
Programme: Competition. One 100-storey highrise and two 50-storey highrises + masterplan
Status/phase: Competition entry 2nd prize.


as Architects

The concrete fa├žade with a curve shape houseplant and a one in five gradient walls make this house unique. The white curve shape of the hose is located at the middle of a pine forest near the Mediterranean coast adapted to the land like a kind of white sculpture.


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