Saturday, January 21, 2012

The "green" church of ... Heaven!-Buenos Aires

It is one of the most bizarre churches in the world as well the external walls are covered with thick green plants and flowers, creating an impressive "vertical garden" in downtown of Buenos Aires in Argentina.
The church Iglesia Jes繳s en el Huerto de Los Olivos is a model of environmental protection and green architecture in an attempt to show how best the need to develop of green in urban centers.
All that the "green" philosophy is nothing new for the church as well "flooding" of green for centuries! Since the beginning of creation, creeping plants covered the walls and flowers sprouted on the surface, creating a spectacular lush green scenery ...!
By the bell tower to the entrance all seem to have been covered by a "natural green veil" that surrounds the church offering-at the very least-a superior image ... but also a door in the courtyard of paradise!

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