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When Costa Concordia capsized off the Italian coast last week, an official demanded the ship’s captain get back on board to oversee the evacuation. Now his angry words have been aimed at German Chancellor Merkel in an Italian caricature, which shows her escaping the “MS Europa Discordia.”
The sentence has taken on a life of its own in Italy over the past two days. “Vada a bordo, cazzo!” yelled Gregorio Maria De Falco, a member of the Italian Coast Guard at the captain of the Costa Concordia on the night the cruise ship sank.
De Falco demanded several times that the captain, Francesco Schettino, return to the ship and take charge of the rescue measures for the more than 4,200 passengers. Schettino dodged the request several times, until De Falco yelled the phrase at him, which in English means, “Get back on board, for fuck’s sake!” Since the exchange became public on Tuesday, the sentence has been printed on T-shirts, meanwhile several Facebook groups have been founded with the name “Capitano Schettino, vada a bordo cazzo,” the largest of which has 40,000 members.
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