Monday, January 2, 2012

The photography as ... a time machine

Pictures from the Second World War, and photos of today has combined a Russian photographer. The result surpasses the imagination
A very interesting project has been launched by the Russian photographer and graphic designer Sergey Larenkov, bringing the Second World War on ... today.

Moscow. Memory time.
Reborn from the ashes and ruins  

Using Photoshop combines old photos from the period of B 'World War with modern images of the identical item in different locations in Europe.The photographer constantly renews his work in the online calendar that keeps.In the pictures one can distinguish points from Berlin, Prague, St. Petersburg and other cities.
The amazing thing is that the pictures then and now were taken from the same angle and the result is surprising, as we see people today to "meet" soldiers, tanks, and desperate people of that era.
1941/2010. Moskow. Announcement about German attack.
"......Link to the past
Dear friends, if you're interested in travel into the past, I will try to help you. But be warned, the history often hides a very scary pages, and return to the present is much more pleasant than to travel into the past.
Most of my work is devoted to the period of World War II. The most powerful impression on me personally produces a series of photos about the siege of Leningrad, this is my hometown. In addition, here you will find the defense of Moscow, the liberation of Prague and Vienna, the storming of Berlin, some pages from the life of Paris. D-day collages will be ready soon.
Some pages of my journal will bring you to the streets of the capital of the Russian Empire, St.Petersburg.
Wherever I go, I'm trying to penetrate the layers of time. It does not always do well, but I try.
Many thanks for the support staff of the State Museum of History of St. Petersburg, as well as staff of the Russian State Documentary Film & Photo Archive, Krasnogorsk.
And of course, fond memories and endless gratitude to the photographers and war correspondents that brought us images of a bygone era.
Happy journey into the past.
Sergey Larenkov......"

Enjoy the pictures, that confirms the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.
1941/2011 Nazi soldiers on the outskirts of Leningrad at the city trams.
The Grand Palace at Peterhof. 1941/2011  Nazis at the burning palace.

1941/2010 Moscow. Hotel National


 June 6, 1944, D-day, Normandy. The landing of US troops on Omaha beach.

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