Saturday, February 18, 2012

The yellow «Rubber Duck»

The duck goes to ... floating in the world!
The artist Florentijn Hofman is famous for creating huge installations, then placing them in public spaces. In fact each of them reminiscent from the childhood of people.
In this connection lies the famous «Rubber Duck», the well-known childhood game ... in our bathroom! The giant duck has traveled to various countries, from France to Japan, and is "swimming" in lakes and rivers in the world!
"The world has become smaller through the globalization and the Internet, so size matters! For larger the object is, smaller the world seems! "Says the artist and adds:
"The yellow duckling, knows no boundaries and does not discriminate. All people know, and most of us ,we have swim with it. Is now grown and going around the world in an effort to show that although people are away, we are very close due to common memories ... ".

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