Saturday, March 3, 2012

Artistic Starbucks coffee shop in Tokyo

Starbucks decided to open a new shop in Tokyo, on a street that leads straight to the Dazaifu Tenmagu, a holy shrine dedicated to a Japanese deity. The company decided to contract Tokyo based architects Kengo Kuma and Associates. The team was asked to mix up things a little and to come up with a different look for the new Starbucks shop.The design of the new shop had to be original but it also needed to fit in with the surroundings and to respect the sanctity of the grounds.

This actually helped the architects rather than restricting their options. They were able to spice up the design of the shop without compromising the company’s brand identity. The architects used a traditional approach but at the same time they managed to create an artistic and modern design.

The architects connected small pieces and squares of wooden blocks. They put these pieces together to form a 3D pattern that covers the walls of the shop and stretches up t the ceiling. The design starts at the back of the shop and then continues until it covers the entire place. Because of this unusual interior design, the shop has a very unique look. It’s modern but traditional at the same time. Small tables and chair are set against the long walls. The customers have the opportunity to enjoy unique moments in a very stylish shop.

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