Friday, March 23, 2012

ZERO-how can nothing be...something?

We have all been born from the same material. Who are you, who will become .. Some are born leaders, making great changes among their people. Others are born in the mediocrity, living an ordinary life. For some though, life will be a constant struggle, giving them no opportunity.

But  how can nothing  be...something?
School was the only place that Zero was getting attention. There he learned important things about the values​​, for example, its own value in society and that it was forbidden for him .... to be multiplied.

Children sometimes have made Zero, to feel like a number, much higher. In reality, however, wanted to show that  zero is zero, whichever way you look at it ..

While Zero grew, was following a lonely path. Despite of the small number, he felt that he had something to offer. There is never allowed to disappoint by bad situations. He did not want to turn into a negative number.

It was not the first time that Zero woke up with bruises and full of battered body. But this time was different.

For the first time Zero ignored the small number. In the company of his new girlfriend, she felt like three or even as four. However, the most wonderful feeling was that of belonging somewhere.
A life full of loneliness, he begins to fade in the past, along with the idea that their love was forbidden.

While the world around him continued without him, Zero wondered how he could continue without his love ..

Newborn babies born with the sign of the infinite.

The largest and the most respected figure, that world had ever seen.

Zero, he knew that from nothing, created something truly wonderful.

The amazing «Zero» is a stop-frame animation, which has won dozens of awards. Is created by Christopher Kezelos, in production of Christine Kezelos.

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