Thursday, April 19, 2012

30 hours in the same place for an amazing photo

Text translation: Michael Balaroutsos architect
Admire the splendor of nature when the day meets the night. A photo of a Greek photographer goes around the world. Read the story.
At first glance the picture seems to have taken with flashlight fish-eye, ultra, but a closer look will show that during a "magical" way he manages to visualize both day and night for a single frame.
The photo belongs to Chris Kotsiopoloulos, who according to the ABC, pulled this 360 degree reception at Sounion, outlining an entire day, from sunrise to sunset.
However it was not easy as well the surprising result, cost Kotsiopoloulos, 30 hours!
He had to remain patient in the same place 30 hours pulling hundreds of photos which later made ​​them one.
Indeed, the temperature variation of the strained as well used by hairdryer to protect the lens from moisture.
"All my pictures have a great story to tell," he says, adding that here is hidden the creation story of our solar system, the creation of the sun, planets, earth and moon.

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