Saturday, April 21, 2012

Busan Opera House

Igor Franic as Architects
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 By looking at the location and interpreting given programme while bearing in mind the ambitions of the investor, it is necessary to set goals which are to be accomplished with this project.
Redecoration of the entire northern port represents international entrance and connection of the Pacific and Asian continent. Such procedure influences directly on the development of local economy and sets Busan City as a centre of maritime tourism with the international landmark. Entire redecoration procedure of Busan waterfront with new contents establishes dynamic relation of the city to the ocean and vice versa. A symbiosis of nature's dialogue and urban ambient with public and contemporary request of the new time is created. Such postulate represents the mind frame of the BOH.
Content diversity, found measure, connection line of the shore and sea, urban and natural, represent basic frames when making a decision on future assembly. IslandÔÇÖs form establishes base, background of the future event that needs to correspond to natural and unattainable horizon of the water line but also to the urban structure of city verticals and horizontals with hills in the backplane as a frame - pass├ę-par tout.
New structure is in apprehensible, wild, turns to everyone and leaves no one aloof. All sides are treated equally, not just the land and shore side but also the upper and lower. New plaza is peaceful, fits to the shapes of the shore and islands and like a wave it soars and lowers, adjusts to new accesses and new events. New opera is active, directed to all sides, and makes no hierarchy so each view counts - sea, upper land, lower. It is not set on earth, it is lifted and moving. It talks to everyone, misses out no one. All accesses are equal. It is possible to enter from the shore via plaza but also directly from the boat.
Main urban characteristic of the new structure is comprehensiveness. We are not talking about the shape in this case but dynamic structure which tries to grow, extend to the land. Dynamics of todayÔÇÖs life depends on speed which does not constitute hierarchy but undergoes trough everything equally, and the moments of cognition (consideration) overlap and add to a sequence which is not planned, “chaos” becomes a way of life and defensive mechanism of our body.
Two basic elements which form the new BOH are: surface plaza and intended structure of the objects.
The plaza is one-level, changeable, wave-like intersection, it ensures exterior main entrance. Open and partially covered plaza surface, apart from the access, takes on all other contents which need to be organized in the exterior area; exhibitions, open-air theaters, performances.
It also represents the new urban city square which offers a view of the entire city and also sea offing with the boats. The plaza is opened to all sides, without clear orientation like another wave-like contour line of newly formed island. The service entrance is settled on the eastern side where the cart track to the new island is located. Approach to the transport vehicles is settled under the plaza, that area contains service yard which, besides the manipulation zone, ensures access to large platforms which enable simple and effective approach to the stage of the future opera. Two out of three elements placed on the lower opera zone are appropriated to service, while the remaining vertically placed element is designated to the visitors. It holds, apart from the disabled parking place and VIP, direct approach to the foyer trough gastronomy contents immediately above the plaza level. The basic structure of the opera constructions is a simply designed concept comprised of central cube containing the opera area itself, auditorium and stage with all corresponding service-communication elements. On such basic volume which makes the core, all other contents are directly joined from all sides, entrance hall with the access, multi-purpose hall (1300 spectators), VIP apartments, trade section, sea-view restaurant, exhibition hall which extends to the sea level itself and enabling access directly from the boats. Each of these special contents gained its recognizable form and clear direction and orientation by forming a cluster of lines that carry out the picture of the BOH. The core, hall with auditorium and stage, is simple so as to provide quality organization of all plays and events. All inner communications are clear, service ones separated from the public ones and visitors. The possibility of going out to the roof is achieved and performances under a clear sky.

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