Saturday, April 7, 2012

The colorful Prague chair from the Xalcharo Collection

This is the Prague chair. It’s a very eye-catching piece of furniture with an electric pattern. It has a simple and classical design. It has an imposing shape, a high back and sleek legs. It’s immediately apparent that the chair combines great attention to details along with amazing craftsmanship. The chair is hand stitched and finished by hand.Because of the techniques used to create this chair along with the actual design it wold be fair to say that the Prague is a real work of art.
Notice the exquisite needlework and the threads of silk that only increase the beauty of this piece. Moreover, the vintage fabric that are over 100 years old make this piece truly unique. Not only that the materials are exquisite and the design is wonderful which makes the Prague chair unique, but the fact that most of te work is done by hand further makes each product unique and special.

This is a chair that tells a story. It’s a work of art shaped like a piece of furniture. The Prague chair is a very sculptural piece that almost seems to be alive. It’s a colorful creation that incorporates beautiful embroidery and craftsmanship. The overall dimensions of this chair are L 39″x W 31.9″x H 53.3″. It would make an exquisite addition to the living room. 

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