Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Loukanikos, the Riot dog strikes again

It is not the first time that the famous photographer Milton Louiz, captures the crisis in Greece and the protests. See what the camera captured this time .

The beloved dog in the square of the Constitution, it seems that it is always awake guard in front of the parliament.
And it could not to be based of political and economic developments in the country. Even though the angry have left ... Even though the demonstrations restricted, Loukanikos remains in place on the marble floors of Constitution Square.
The photo lens of Greek photographer Milton Louiz identified the rebel dog, especially gained international fame and was named dog of the Year by the magazine TIME,resting in front of the Parliament Building, next to a sticker that promises:'' I'm gonna fix it''.
"This is a promise if anything topical," commented Friends of the photographer in her personal profile on Facebook.
Already photo going around the world, winning dozens likes, notifications and positive feedback.

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