Sunday, April 8, 2012

Modern dwelling surrounded by grass and beautiful trees

 LK house designed by Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten, located in Hard, Austria is a wonderful dwelling built in a modern but also simple style. Surrounded by an oasis of grass and beautiful trees that seem to guard the house, this is the kind of living space perfect for a peaceful family that prefers spending
time peacefully, far away from crowded and noisy cities.
About the structure, we can see that the house is composed of two cubes that seem to be stacked one above
the other. Their delicate appearance is emphasized by the combination of white concrete structure with dark wooden surfaces and a lot of glass that allows the light in, but also gives us the chance to look outside at the
beautiful, peaceful surroundings. The abstract appearance of this house is also continued inside.

For the finishing, were used two kinds of materials in opposite tones: white concrete and paintings for ceilings and walls to create the sensation of a bigger space, and dark smoked oak wooden floors that make a contrast with the cozy, white furniture and create the impression of an open space.

All the rooms have big, glass walls that allow the architects to use the beautiful landscape as an interior decoration. Here, my favorite part of the dwelling is the bathroom; having the same tones as the rest of the house, I think it is a magnificent place for relaxing and enjoying the exceptional views seen through the glass walls.

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