Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pedestrian or Bike Path, a Space for Relaxation

Maxipes Fík is a main character of the favourite TV cartoon series. Children love him. Riverbank of Maxipes Fík in Kadan is connected with this character not only by the fact that he was born nearby, but also by the fairy-tale plot.
The project is a story of a courageous idea: To enforce in the small Czech town, located in once prospering region, wounded by the German annexation during the WWII, after the War by displacement of German citizens, later on perforated by opencast coal-mining, in the region with a sorely tried environment and devastated by the communist planning, a project of the rehabilitation of a godforsaken riverbank and its re-integration into Kadan’s life.
Build the original riverbank promenade and the space for relaxation. Use the brownfield and wasteland of 41.500 m2 and turn the town towards to river. Connect the town with the surrounding countryside by the cycling route. And to add unexpected playfulness. View more here:

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