Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Small guest residence in the trees

Some of us still miss their childhood, so they build houses to remember all the mischiefs and beautiful moments spent with their friends. TOTeMS Architecture designed this guest house for a home in Casey Key, along the Sarasota Bay, Florida. The structure is inspired by the character of the oaks, which have been shaped by the prevailing coastal winds from the west, and it has the shape of a house in the trees.
On a concrete base it is positioned the entire construction. Upstairs, the roof is made of oak planks and looks like a vault surrounded by vegetation and branches, just like a tree house which also provide privacy from a neighboring property from the north and the waterway between the coasts from the east. Inside, the house includes one bedroom, a bathroom,the living area with a kitchen and a beautiful terrace facing the beautiful and relaxing landscape. For the house’s interior structure the architects used a lot of wood combined with big sliding glass doors and windows.

Almost every piece of furniture has wooden details which are emphasized by the interesting lamps and carpets from the floors. In the living room, a beautiful sofa placed facing the water views is surrounded by wooden custom made furniture where are placed books and personal things. Who needs decorations in a house like that? Seriously, look just for a moment at those views. I am simply in love with the bedroom because it is so beautifully decorated by that old tree in front of the room. Imagine how amazing it is to wake up in that big bed and the first thing to see in the morning is the picture of those branches and leafs.

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