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Istituto Marchiondi Spagliardi-Baggio, Italia

posted by Michael Balaroutsos architect

The building Marchiondi in Noale str 1, Baggio, was until 1985 owned by the Opera Pia, Institutes Reunited Marchiondi - Spagliardi and Protection of the Child. Its construction dates back to 1957, designed by the Vittoriano Vigano. The architect does not design a reform school, but a "school of life"; abolishes the bars, and requires "tough guys" around a civilian-based spaces which encourage a democratic socialization. The school exudes a strong life energy, symbolically represented by the use of reinforced concrete and by the predominance of red. It is then prevail between the building and its young users a relationship of sympathy: "who has truly understood the Marchiondi were not the organizers, educational authorities and educational, colleagues, critics of architecture who also did a lot of compliments: were boys. No one can forget the scream of joy with which swarmed in, the enthusiasm with which they took immediate possession of the equipment, cabinets, holders or dresses "
 The building was closed in the late seventies. Subsequently used as the seat of a Centre for Vocational until June 1997, became the property of the Municipality of Milan following the extinction of the Institutes Reunited for failure to prosecute statutory purposes.
It consists of a building used as boarding house, 4 storeys. A monoplane manufactured: guest rooms, classrooms, collective living, offices, services, a pedestrian area of over 10,000 square meters (about 12,000 square feet of appurtenant). and is considered of primary importance in the evolution of modern architecture.
There are the constraints of the Fine Arts

Now, with a budget of some 16 million euros, and with the involvement of the Municipality of Milan, Milan Politecnico and Cariplo Foundation, part of the project for the complete recovery of the structure, involving a team of architects, engineers, structural engineers and experts in materials and energy, under the guidance of Professor Massimo Forti, Department of architecture Design of the Politecnico.
Work should start in the spring of 2009, with the first surveys for the preparation of detailed design, with the opening of the sites true within a year.
At the end of the work, what is considered the only masterpiece of brutalist present in Italy, and celebrated abroad, will return to social use, becoming a university residence for 218 students, within the public services for the district and downtown youth meeting.

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