Friday, May 11, 2012

Johnnie Walker House
Asylum collaborated with the creative agency LOVE to design an interactive space to host the most sophisticated “Whisky Converstions”. Housed in the 3 storey Sinan Mansion, located in the French concession of Shanghai, the space was conceived with the intent to engage and advocate loyalty amongst premium whisky drinkers. The concept incorporates the rich history of Johnnie Walker and whisky knowledge alongside essential elements and building blocks of whisky into the spatial design, using the 3 step approach to evangelism.
Project description:
Based on the central design theme - “Whisky Conversations”, the space was designed where multiple layered conversations are woven into the Johnnie Walker journey, complemented by the graphic designs from LOVE. Upon stepping into the Johnnie Walker House, raw ingredients as malt and peat lined against the wall of the entrance, which acts as an important design exemplar to represent the fundaments of whisky making. Accompanied by copper lamps modelled after whisky stills, the mood of anticipation is imminent while the journey begins.
At the corridor, angled wooden floor stripes that resonate with the slanted label on the brand’s bottle and the magnificent curved constellation wall welcome visitors as they reach the first storey to appreciate the art of whisky blending. Enveloped within a circular wall lined with hundreds of blend, guest can sample various types of whisky while gathered around an interactive table that provides a multi-sensory highlight to the tour.
The brand experience builds up progressively, amplified by the magnificent whisky glass ceiling installation on the second level that serves as a grandeur finale to the tour. Leading to the contemporary faceted copper bar with hanging vintage decanters that provides an engaging setting for visitors to taste the different blends of Johnnie Walker, ending the journey on the finest note.
Juxtaposing distinctive elements found in whisky making alongside innovative fixtures, it conjures a unique expression of the brand vision. The Johnnie Walker House is not just a typical space that houses the best whiskies but is truly a state-of-the-art experiential centre that unveils the legacy of the Johnnie Walker brand that stood the test of time.



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