Sunday, May 6, 2012

Luxury Boat hotel at Cocoa Island Resort in Maldives

People have all sorts of preferences and, hobbies or things that they just simple adore. There are people who love animals, painting, music, movies, traveling, sports, antique things, planes and many other things.Personally, I love blue color, flowers, kids, English, Sweden, planes and taking photos. All these things bring me satisfaction, joy and make me feel great. Another thing that I love is boats or rowing a boat. The moment I visited Sweden I had the opportunity to travel by many boats and ships. It seemed to me an incredible experience and I loved to watch the North Sea and its beauties. Later on, I discovered rowing. First I was afraid because I do not know to swim but then I became braver and I learned fast.

Those of you who are in love with boats and the blue water of the ocean can try a great vacation at Boat Hotel, at Cocoa Island Resort in Maldives. Here the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean will definitely take your breath away and the beautiful houseboats villas will seem to you very attractive. Although here there are many other resorts, this Boat Hotel looks totally different.

Its amenities include: a gym, internet access, restaurants, a bar, spa and swimming pool so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable. It has 36 various rooms and this gathering of rooms include wonderful house boat villas which look simple, warm and comfortable. There is used the aquatic combination of blue and white for the interiors which complete this marine ambiance.

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