Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Park Villet, a civil and human experience in the 21st century

by Michael Balaroutsos architect

For Park Villet in Paris (designed by the architect of the Acropolis Museum Bernard Tschumi),the president
 of   Park, Jacques Marsial , spoke publicly in Megaron Plus, in Athens Concert Hall.
In his speech, entitled "Park Villet, a civil and human experience in the 21st century", the President of the Park and renowned actor and director Jacques Marsial, presented their thoughts about this model area for culture and leisure, put his own distinctive stamp on the artistic landscape of the French capital.
The Park Villet, a model of spatial organization and architecture. Designed by the French - Swiss architect of the New Acropolis Museum Bernard Tschumi. As says Jacques Marsial, desire, through the events hosted in Villet, is "to highlight the cultures and the margin of the region and to promote cultural communication through every form of artistic expression and creation."
The design for the Parc de la Villette was selected from over 470 international competitors. The objectives of the competition were both to mark the vision of an era and to act upon the future economic and cultural development of a key area in Paris. As described in the competition, La Villette was not intended as a simple landscape replica; on the contrary, the brief for this “urban park for the 21st century” developed a complex program of cultural and entertainment facilities.

"La Villette could be conceived of as one of the largest buildings ever constructed — a discontinuous building but a single structure nevertheless, overlapping the site’s existing features and articulating new activities. It opposes the landscape notion of Olmstead, widespread during the 19th century, that “in the park, the city is not supposed to exist.” Instead, it proposes a social and cultural park with activities that include workshops, gymnasium and bath facilities, playgrounds, exhibitions, concerts, science experiments, games and competitions, in addition to the Museum of Science and Technology and the City of Music on the site. At night during the summer, the broad playing fields become an open-air movie theater for 3,000 spectators. The park currently accommodates around eight million visitors a year. http://www.tschumi.com"

The French actor and director Jacques Marsial, born in 1955 in Val-de-Marne on the outskirts of Paris, is one of the most successful artists of his generation, with uninterrupted presence for thirty years in theater, film and television. By family descent from the Antilles, he studied acting and theater in the French capital under the guidance of George Wilson, Jean-Paul Roussigion and Irina Brook. In addition, Jacques Marsial initiator is the entity Rond Point des Cultures (Meeting Point of Cultures), which organizes events aiming to promote the creativity of various artistic and cultural minority groups. Since 2005 he is director of the French Overseas Radio and Television Network Areas.

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