Saturday, May 26, 2012


Luis de Garrido Architect

Ramat Eco-House
Manuel Serna
Chiva, Valencia
300.50 m2
324,400 euros
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1. Most Important Goals
- Conduct a completely self-sufficient housing, capable of water, energy and food needed by its occupants, and serve as a model for future generations.
- Make a house with a high degree of industrialization.
- Perform a low-cost housing and low maintenance.
2. Architectural Solution
The house is located on undeveloped land near the city of Valencia. Because the ideology of their owners and the lack of infrastructure, it is desired that the house is completely self-sufficient, and to generate energy, water and food that may require its occupants.
Energy self-sufficiency is achieved in three ways: 1) Projecting a home that consumes very little power. The house has high thermal bioclimatic and regulates every day of the year. Therefore, the home does not need fresh mechanical devices, and has little need for heating systems. Only a biomass boiler is simple enough to heat the house a few days you need. 2) Incorporating a very low electrical power consumption (avoiding unnecessary, such as oven, juicer, electric toothbrush, toaster, etc ...) and lights very low power LEDs. 3) Incorporating solar photovoltaic captors little energy to generate electricity needed by the housing (2 kw. Peak), and sensors to generate solar thermal hot water you need. In this way the home does not need mains supply of electricity.

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