Saturday, May 5, 2012

Skywalking- The new thrill of photography in Russia

The adventurous experience it. The rest still looking at fleeting images-new thrill in Russia. The skywalking is here to stay (and we almost overwhelming in the strict sense)!
If you belong to the group of those who fear heights, better not to see the photos below. And definitely avoid hanging out with crazy and adventurous photographers from Russia.
Young amateur photographers (many of them are not even 18 years old) have taken the decision. Wanting to show that they are fearless champions and bring to a new INTERNET craze. Wear athletic shoes, get the camera and hang out with their buddy climb higher
as high as they can. Their purpose? Take a photo that will make them lose both by surprise, and the dizziness.
Roofing-rise buildings, bridges and skyscrapers are some of the "ideal" places to set up and photographed.
As for safety equipment of this new trend; Inadequate or non-existent.
Some of them less frightening, some more
How came this photo?
This is exactly how.......

Sky Walker - Sin Miedo a la Altura από sunshine_i

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