The refusal of the regularity or the acceptance of the unorthodox.
It is the art of everything. In the inanimate and living. The shape and meaning,
In spirit and body, logic and absurdity.
Everything is architecture. By Hermes Trismegistus, by bacterium.
The Heraclitus said ... Everything flows ....
The Architecture says .... everything in shape ..... so have art in them ..!!

Michael Balaroutsos


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Placement #1

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Street Art - Julian Santos

Video Description:"I created this video to show and convey a specific message to the target audience, that graffiti and Street Art is not something to fear; but to embrace. It is in fact misunderstood and my message is to show people that Street Art is beautiful and should be respected as art. Walk around any downtown area and you'll see that some of the best art is just lying around. I want people to join the movement, to help make Street Art legal in specific areas. "

Street Art from Stephanie Lopez on Vimeo.

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