The refusal of the regularity or the acceptance of the unorthodox.
It is the art of everything. In the inanimate and living. The shape and meaning,
In spirit and body, logic and absurdity.
Everything is architecture. By Hermes Trismegistus, by bacterium.
The Heraclitus said ... Everything flows ....
The Architecture says .... everything in shape ..... so have art in them ..!!

Michael Balaroutsos


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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Europe groans from the financial crisis

A brief analysis
by Michael Balaroutsos

Everywhere around the world, people begin to pray to their gods.They pray to be saved from the coming crisis, never seen in the last 100 years, the entire humanity.
Began with the economic bankruptcy (for the good bankers who put their hand) will continue to hunger and rebellion ended with the hope that this will not end and the world as well.
The spark started from Greece. Now continue with Ireland, not forgetting of course, Iceland.Then comes the turn of Portugal to follow Spain and Italy.This is only the beginning of tile course, because by the time all nations will join in the adventure.
The economic criminals, American, German and Jewish lobby still exists.
Putting forward retraction vassal states to implement their plan, causing the masses to revolt. And as they say in my country, God save us. (Last we are looking to find him as well.)
In Greece everything is despair in them.
Unemployed people increased rapidly to huge sizes. The Greek ceased consciously smiling and walking in the streets see it only angry faces. They stopped all construction and all productive investments, and the taxes imposed by the International Monetary Fund, has led people to poverty and uncertainty. 
Lost interest in any kind of development.
Unfortunately this great of disease would spread throughout Europe, and will migrate slowly across the world.
Some noble politicians (from the existing minimum) are trying to tell the truth, but it's still a few unfortunately.

And others, playing their war games, really wipe entire nations on the pretext of international terrorism, (but deep down in their financial interests), killing innocent people.

Finally to ask a question, Did you manage to make you smile a little.

What is the worst offender; one who rob the bank; or the one who establishes?

2022 World Cup Stadium in Qatar / Foster and Partners - eVolo | Architecture Magazine

Foster and Partners unveiled their design for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid, the Lusail Iconic Stadium which will provide a world-class football facility for 86,250 spectators during the opening ceremony, group games and final. Reflecting Doha’s culture and heritage, the stadium is designed to be highly energy efficient and capable of performing in extreme summer climatic conditions.
The stadium has a near-circular footprint and sits on the masterplan’s primary axis, which divides the stadium precinct into two halves. Encircled by a reflective pool of water, spectators cross the ‘moat’ to enter the building via six bridges. An outer pedestrian concourse extends from the water towards an array of smaller amenity buildings and a hotel at the stadium’s perimeter.
The saddle-form roof appears to float above the concrete seating bowl, discreetly supported by a ring of arching columns. Its central section can be retracted to allow the pitch to be either open to the sky or fully covered. The concave profile of the stadium’s outer enclosure evokes the sails of a traditional dhow boat and incorporates a system of operable louvres. Inside, the seating bowl is designed to enhance the experience and atmosphere for spectators: VIP and hospitality accommodation is concentrated along the sides of the pitch to create a continuous sea of fans behind each goal.
Located in the centre of a new development to the north of Doha, with direct connections by road and a new metro line, Lusail Iconic Stadium is intended to be a catalyst for further growth and has a highly progressive environmental strategy. Parking and service areas are shaded by canopies of solar collectors, which will produce energy for the stadium when it is in use, as well as generating power for neighbouring buildings.
HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Chairman of the Qatar 2022 Bid, said: “The Lusail Iconic Stadium will serve as the perfect venue for the opening and final matches of the World Cup. The stadium will inspire a new generation of regional and international sports venues, incorporating environmentally friendly cooling technologies to ensure the ideal conditions for players and spectators alike. The design of the stadium provides fans with optimum views of the action in a cool and comfortable setting. Its beauty and ambition represent the pride and enthusiasm that we have displayed in our bid thus far and will continue to display until the day FIFA awards the 2022 World Cup and beyond.”

Main Stadium for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia / Erick van Egeraat - eVolo | Architecture Magazine

Today FIFA announced that the 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia and the main stadium has been designed by Erick van Egeraat. Egeraat and Russian partner Mikhail Posokhin, architects of Moscow’s new VTB Arena are thrilled to hear of this decision.
 “What wonderful news! What a start for this new Russian masterpiece to be the center of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™!”, says architect-director Erick van Egeraat when presented with this latest news. “The VTB arena will be more than a soccer-arena; the multitude of functions will ensure enjoyment for its visitors for decades!” With a 300,000-m2 development surface the VTB Arena Park is one of the largest projects that will be developed in the Russian Federation in the coming years.
VTB Arena Park comprises the redevelopment of the Dynamo Moscow stadium and an articulation of the surrounding park. In contradiction with mono - functional sports arena’s Erick van Egeraat designs multifunctional urban regenerator,that will play a key role in transforming its wider surroundings. Erick van Egeraat’s 300,000-m2 multifunctional culture, health and sports centre will be developed on a 116,000-m2 site and will comprise a 45,000-seat Stadium Arena for Dynamo Moscow, a 10,000-seat Arena Hall, a Retail and Entertainment complex, restaurants, parking and other facilities. This careful mix of functions will ensure a self sustaining character.
“This challenging site embodies a great Russian tradition which we must honour. We have proposed a design that embraces the history and context of the Dynamo stadium and the Petrovski Park and creates a contemporary icon of the 21st century of which the people of Moscow can be proud. A project that will provide diversity to the area and reinforce its identity.”, says Erick van Egeraat. “Since its start in 1930 the FIFA World Cup™ will be held for the first time on Russian Federation soil. This opportunity can be regarded as a great venue for the growth of the nation and will further strengthen the confidence of the Russian people.”

Main Stadium for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia / Erick van Egeraat - eVolo | Architecture Magazine

Friday, December 3, 2010

Last Address | Remembering NYC artists who died of AIDS

watch this superb site here........
Last Address | Remembering NYC artists who died of AIDS

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Develop a road, the method of the donkey.

Michael Balaroutsos

Ever wondered why, when we cross the mountains, roads make continual zigzag, during the ascent and descent;

Since antiquity, humans as social beings, wanting to communicate with other sites in the near and the distant territory, invented the vehicle.
This is to be able to move safely, required the invention of the street.
Observe first, that moved from the accessible and secure areas, leaving behind a trail as it slowly grew, while being cleared of any vegetation. 

This was the discovery of the first road.
Time flowed steadily, and human evolution has reached a breaking point, the discovery of the wheel.

A huge station.
The greatest of discoveries.
Constructed so as his first car, the stroller. Then he started to load more things to carry them where they had needs. But the need grew, the carriages grew, the trace of the paths created unwittingly grew.

He had tamed many animals that help with the housework, but also in development.
One of these was the donkey.
The donkey in the stroller, he thought, what would I offer it; And so came the discovery of the trolley, but grew more the trail left behind when passing. 
Then discovered the main road.
Admittedly, this history does not end so easily.
First shows that forced the man to discover the road, and it slowly began to perfect constantly, until today we have at our disposal the most sophisticated roads crossing the plains and mountains, hills and slopes, with tunnels and large impressive bridges.

Let go back again, however briefly.
Having invented the wheel was subsequent to discover the trade.
The need for more communication at longer distances was inevitable.
So I had to open up more major roads that can move many coaches simultaneously.
The roads had to go through easily but difficult areas.
From the field and from the mountains to make the routes shorter.
But how scratched these roads in the mountains, without the current expensive machines, without the necessary measurements, the necessary maps with elevation contours, like those we use today;

Observing the behaviour of animals.
Especially those that were domesticated and pets, which many times they took with them to help.
The dog for protection, the cows for plowing, the horse and donkeys for transportation.
Watching the last two, they found that although the horse if you did not find bush territory stopped its course, and the donkey continues to move, looking instinctively smooth points, to walk more easily.
Especially, when we had to climb a mountain or hill, not going vertically like goats, but went slightly uphill sloping line, and once he found a smoother place, turning in 180 degrees and continue uphill again inclined straight until the next point considered suitable for turning.
Similarly acted in downhill.

Therefore give rise to an easy and comfortable passage for the same, and the boss also
This was the first official development road in the mountains.

In all parts of the world where the culture was developed, created a complex web of roads, trails, hidden and obvious passages.

                                  a path system in the Paros Island in Greece

He joined the outlying parts, led the man to cultivate more land, but also led soldiers in faraway wars.
Maybe that's why mostly from ancient roads outlined in the military.
Indeed, that was until 40 years ago in less modernized countries.

 This is the method of the donkey, and if you ask an old road engineer, surely knows.

Great Mosque of Algiers


This is a project that has caused much ink as the controversy was great! Archi-Mag take the intiative to publish this grandiose project, which is the third largest mosque in the world, just after the mosques of Mecca and Medina, which has dethroned the Hassan II in Casablanca. North Africans competing! with mosques performed by groups of European architects! When is a cathedral in Geneva made by an architect from us? Especially in these times of crisis where it is forbidden to erect minarets in Swiss territory?

Presentation of the mosque by Krebs und Kiefer
The new Grand Mosque of Algiers rise in the middle of the bay of Algiers on a plot of ca. 275,000 square meters near the sea will be about the size of the mosque, the third world. The working group formed by Krebs und Kiefer with KSP Engel und Zimmermann has won the international competition for the project in January 2008. In July 2008 the contract was signed for the overall planning and supervision of work for the Great Mosque of Algiers in the presence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is a unique aspect that connects the entire mosque religious and secular institutions. The construction is designed to receive each day up to 120,000 visitors.

The architecture of the mosque with his wholesale lumber square connects modernity and tradition.Tradition because it goes back to the oldest type of mosques, the mosque with columns. A brand of style are, among others, the columns that open up like flowers while also providing space for conduction techniques. They are found in the whole complex of buildings. A bar of buildings, welcoming center cinemas and shops, trains west of the field early for the northern part of the whole.

This bar towards the esplanade, a vast square surrounded by several buildings in U and which allows access to the minaret. Underneath the plaza there is a parking garage on three storeys for 6,000 vehicles. The minaret, with its height of 270 m will be the tallest in the world. It is divided into various functional areas that can be reached by panoramic lifts. In the area of the foot minaret there is a spacious entrance area with fireplace that extends into the bar following buildings.
In stages 4 to 20 are a museum of Islamic art and history and an appropriate research center. There are several sky lobbies, distributed over the entire height, offering space for recreation and communication. In the tip of the tower is provided a platform for restaurant, which will also be accessible to visitors by two panoramic lifts.
To the east lies the sacred area of the mosque with prayer hall and avantcour, every faith 22,000 sq ft base and ca. 70 m in height. The entire mosque north is separated from buildings to the south by a spacious park. The cultural center, located in the southern part of the land, houses an extensive library and a multimedia room with video and film library.

In another building is arranged a conference center with a capacity of about 1,500 participants. The "Dar Al Quran (Koran school) offers the opportunity to 300 postgraduate students from the country and abroad, to deepen their knowledge of Islam and Islamic culture. Apartments for students and teachers are also provided on the nature of a field south of the campus together.
Technical responsibility for the project under the direction of Krebs und Kiefer faces a great challenge.The coordination of the planning team, consisting of over 100 architects and engineers is crucial to the success of the project. The result to be delivered to Owner must be integrated planning in all areas that guarantees a construction project without a hitch. Coordination with the Owner in Algeria is also part of the decisive tasks of general planning and technical responsibility.

The Owner shall at all times be informed of the current state of planning and integrated into the study process so that the progress of planning still reflects the ideas of the Owner. To this end it will be used including a communication system based on Internet that is administered by Krebs und Kiefer. A special task for the designers of the framework in Krebs und Kiefer is protection against earthquakes.The project is located in an area with the highest risk classification, and must remain intact and should work even after an earthquake. Because the project largely overcome the CE standards applicable thereto as well as local regulations, an intensive exchange at the highest professional level with the authors of the standards will be required. Another special factor in the planning of the mosque is security. In Algeria it attaches great importance to the safety of public institutions, in consideration of the troubled history of incidents and unfortunately still present.
Appropriate measures and facilities for the defense of terrorist acts must be integrated into the planning, according to agreement with local safety authorities. A singularity is also the general public effect of the project in Algeria. The project progress is monitored personally by the President. The press and public opinion on the project should always be considered. In Germany there was also a dialogue with the press on the uniqueness of this project. Ultimately however, the extraordinary thing this project will further its architectural dimension especially the culture. Each participant in the planning is known to be concerned with culture and religion of Islam to understand the function of the building and to bring it properly into the planning. Intensive dialogue between engineers study German and Algerian master of structure is on this point a positive example for the exchange between cultures, which form the basis for mutual understanding.
Short History Project
At first, in October 2007 after launching the competition, architects Algerian skeptics
The third biggest mosque ever built in the history of mankind after the two Haramin of Mecca and Medina, which millions of Algerians fantasize, is currently a design. A poorly designed plan, in the words of a brilliant brilliant architect with us. This huge monument, which should provide a core cultural, philosophical, religious and architectural course at the Bay of Algiers, is the center of a big controversy.A whopping $ 3 billion swallowed up by this project is incommensurate with the importance of structure, denounced the architects. This huge infrastructure is salivating big names in modern architecture because it is located in the beautiful Bay of Algiers is on the market as a small book in which the amateur and the approximation are law. Focus on the sub and the bottom of the Great Mosque of Algiers.
In the beginning was the word ... That of Bouteflika who wanted to immortalize his time at the head of the country by the erection of the 3rd largest mosque in the world at the heart of the capital. The idea is almost unanimously for a city that is beginning to tire of his Maqam shaheed (martyrs' shrine) of ex-President Chadli. But the $ 3 billion announced for its construction are dizzying to many Algerians. On the other hand, the sacred pot turns heads manufacturers. Experts expect a rush of Algiers architects in the world to register their names for posterity through such a phenomenal book. But first bad surprise: only 17 bids were received at the office of the National Agency for the realization of the Great Mosque of Algiers (ANRGMA), following international consultation launched. For architects, this result is a very bad start.
To cause a little competition for an opera in Paris and the simple layout of a courtyard of the Louvre Museum have attracted hundreds of responses, the most celebrated names in contemporary architecture! However, Algiers and its bay are historically known to be fertile ground for inspiration and creativity of great names. Buchenal are invented neo-Moorish architecture, and Le Corbusier have built a theory of urbanism in the 1930s, Roland Simounet revisited the Casbah and Vernacular Architecture, Oscar Niemeyer is then proposed to "revolutionize the revolution."
Mohamed Larbi Merhoum, President's Award 1999 and the Republic National Award of Architecture 2004, and his colleague Mohamed Abdelhalim Faidi, 1st prize Tony Garnier - Paris 1990 and winner of the French Academy of Architecture 1st prize Construction - Paris 1993, have a heavy heart to see this gem in the budget so badly disproportionate advantage. They note first that this imposing monument deserves more than ... 3 pages of specifications prepared. For comparison, the attainment of a hospital has required 5 filing paperwork in a neighboring country! This text to codify and detail all aspects of the project does not even identify what is the purpose and nature of this mosque that Algeria wants to build. The architects call the "founding text".
This is actually the cultural, civilizational and architecture in this mosque which should fit to give him an identity in Algeria. "You have to specify the content before the architects could never imagine the container. This is the match between the content and form that was born the idea of genius, "says Larbi Merhoum learnedly. The Great Mosque of Algiers is unclassifiable if one relies on the specification since it is not defined. It should, therefore, inevitably espouse any form of Islam (Salafi Ibadite, Hanbali ...) since its identity is summarized in the phrase "boilerplate" synthesis between authenticity and modernity.
This is to the cultural foundations of this mosque. Regarding the management of the project, the designers did not bother to lean their approach to international standards. Thus, while international competitions in architecture and urbanism have been codified by the General Conference of the United Nations at its ninth session in New Delhi, December 5, 1956 - Article II, also increased ANRGMA this procedure by adapting it to "home standards." Indeed, an assistant to the owner (consulting client)-class certainly was selected to allow the development of modern methodological tools and ensure project success.
Canadian Dessau Soprin had to bring its expertise in customer support for a serious operation by experienced professionals. But this expert was quickly ostracized by the public institution charged with the project manager. The ANRGMA in this case has chosen not to invite his Canadian assistant paid for it, preferring to use the means at hand or the system involved in D itself and its own means of accessing, mode of competition, the specifications, the consultation procedure, selection criteria and analysis of bids!
"We have been excluded! "
The appreciation of our architects have taken it upon themselves to denounce the "incredible malfeasance" is unequivocal: "The consultation is not a contest of ideas or a limited consultation. It did not match any legislation and the specification is in a few pages out forms and standard contracts."Abdelhalim Mohamed Larbi Merhoum and point by point are the inconsistencies and irregularities that have marked the process of construction of the mosque. Starting with the jury of 45 persons who had been appointed and whose contractors (registered architects and built with references) can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The worst part is that even the assistant to the owner retained (Dessau Soprin) is not among the jury, despite his expertise.
Also, excessive financial capacity (80 million dinars) imposed on competitors such as architects first selection criterion was removed ipso facto the national, even united, can never bring such a bonanza.They explain that the mission will be carried tomorrow (the President should choose the design office of the 17 offers) the winner was "reduced to filing a building permit." The company selected embodiments, it will complete later studied at "its discretion and without the architect." This approach in a market as lucrative and expensive reacted National Order of Architects of Algeria. But his protest "official" and "public" was apparently lost in the ambient noise around the envelope of three billion dollars stretch as desired. Architects complain that national debate and the competition on this project will be held "in camera".
January 2008: Selection of the winner chooses a group Bouteflika Germano-Tunisian
It is ultimately the design office "Kiefef Ste Krebs Und" which will undertake the project of the Great Mosque. The choice of Bouteflika has focused on the Germano-Tunisian group that has made a financial offer of 500 million euros. The announcement was made by the religious affairs minister who believes that the procedure is vitiated by any irregularity since, he said, the specification states that the contractor, in this case the Chief State had the opportunity to choose the person consulting firm.
The minister, who was Thursday's guest of Channel II, has ended the suspense surrounding the project that has caused much ink, which is obviously not to the liking of Goulamallah. "Journalists are writing anything about it. Some have estimated the cost at $ 3 billion. That is their estimate. We are referring to the offer made by the consulting firm selected will also be negotiated, "he said, adding that the proposed architectural order made by this group are not strictly enforced. "This is not the model proposed to be conducted. Changes will be made, "said the minister who hopes to see work begin in 2008. The design department won the architectural competition for the mega project of the Great Mosque of Algiers selction was among four others, namely the French "AS Architecture Studio, the francoanglais" ATSP / Atkins, "the German" Ipro Plan "and the Iranian" Genidar Sarl. The guest of radio has also addressed another topic, namely the management of funds of Zakat. Visibly pleased with the "harvest" of 2006 which is around 50 billion centimes, he thinks that the 2007 vintage will be greater.Ghoulamallah hopes to transform it into a real economic enterprise funds via an agency to be similar to the hajj or the Wakf property which will soon emerge. The proposal was made by his department and is awaiting the approval of the head of government. Concerning the Hajj season, the minister, who acknowledged some failures of those intended to support the hadjys locally, provides an improvement in the situation with the establishment of the Office of the hajj. He nevertheless considers that the national commission so far the operation is clearly above reproach as his financial report was approved but it still adds: "I wonder who approved the accounts of the National Commission hajj. Is it officials or commissioners duly sworn? "Not to change the subject, he will say no mission of the IGF to date has focused recently on the accounts of his department. He also announced the completion of the next status of the imam in the context of reviewing the status of the Public Service, which in his words, will rehabilitate the imam.
At a time when we write this article no longer mentions of Tunisians in this group!
Work begins 2008
The first earthworks of the Great Mosque of Algiers, was launched Wednesday, October 30, 2008, in the presence of the Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, Bouabdallah Ghlamallah who welcomed the "great interest to everyone wears the great mosque of Algiers. It is the symbol of Algeria and its identity, "he said. "This is not the mosques and prayer halls that we are missing, but this symbol that distinguishes us from other nations. The minister said that the project should be delivered 36 or 40 months after starting work. He said, however, that everything depends on "development studies". The Minister of Religious Affairs and Awqaf has also reported "fixes" made to the form, symbolism and design of the mosque following observations and opinions "of thinkers, historians and research departments . Mr. Ghlamallah also stated that the location of the minaret, which peak at 270 m, is not yet settled, although the option of building it in the middle of the mosque seems to be consensus.
It is recalled that the draft of the Great Mosque of Algiers has been given to the Canadian engineering firm Dessau-Soprin and construction in April 2007. According to forecasts by the company, the receipt of the building shall occur before the year 2013, roughly 76 months of work. This monumental institution, the third in the world after Mecca and Medina, should accommodate nearly 12,000 faithful.In addition to the prayer hall, other structures, such as an Islamic institute Dar Al Quran, a library, an auditorium and seminar rooms are also planned.
The Great Mosque of Algiers will be conducted according to the latest seismic techniques used in most developed countries of the world to achieve strategic nature of buildings. The project will consume a budget of over three billion dollars, especially since it is an urban complex and a mosque open to visitors, even non-Muslims. The director of the national agency for implementing the e mosque and its management Lakhdar Aloui said Saturday on the sidelines of the opening-day seminars around the seismic protection systems of the importance of not appointing Mosque of Algiers "masdjid" since according to him is an urban complex and a cultural center that will distinguish the capital. Thus, the mosque will be the largest urban project carried out in modern Algeria, its architecture has 4 square, 3 of which will be open to domestic and foreign visitors. Only a single square will be dedicated to prayer: it will be a huge hall with a capacity for 120 thousand practitioners. According to the agency's director of implementation of the mosque, the earthquake standards are applied, thereby reducing the risk of 540% for these achievements. For his part the director of the center of geophysical Bouzaréah, Mr. Abdelkrim Benyelles ensure the nature of the seismic zone of Algiers and class in the third degree.Experts estimate the project cost exceeds three billion dollars for its vastness and the rehabilitation of around since the base field is located near the ring road north of the highway from Algiers.

1. Boards of Imam 2. prayer room 3. Gallery Women 4. VIP 5. mihrab / Qibla 6. Museum 7. Research / Administrative 8. observation deck 9. cafes / shops / services 10. Cinema 11. Roof Terrace 12. up 13. Administration room 15. ablution 16. shoe storage

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Artistic Murals masonic - occult messages in the Bank of America

Posted By : ANASTASIOS  - Translate By Michael Balaroutsos

Prominently in Bank of America , there are "appalling" murals, filled with occult - masonic symbols. Even more alarming is the fact that these images seem to 'provide' the facts of a world that is changing radically in the not too distant future.They forecast these murals coming occult New World Order? Consider the occult significance of symbols found in the frescoes of Bank of America.An Infowars reader sent me photos of some very strange paintings displayed in the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, South Carolina. Needless to say that immediately caught my attention, and I was stunned by the symbolism and message.Also, I could not only not to associate with the grim wall of the Denver International Airport.Painted by Benjamin Long, the paintings are supposed to revolve around the themes of "making / Building, chaos / creativity, and planning / knowledge" in a "bold mix of abstract art and realism, offset with touches of gold."

The three murals cover the lobby of Bank of America Corporate Center.
Although usually read from left to right, there are indications suggested that the paintings, viewers can read the paintings from right to left. The scene "programming" (visually represented by the mural on the right) is usually the first step of any process, so it makes sense to start there. There is also an alchemical symbolism alludes to the date of the murals, so we start with that on the right:
The mural on the right called Design / Knowledge. A reading of occult symbolism, reveals what's next and what knowledge relates.

                                             Masonic boy in Masonic floor
We can see a young blond boy standing in a familiar pattern Masonic body (like board).The legs are then placed at 90 degrees, according to Masonic ritual of:"Question: When you return to the Lodge, which were installed as the youngest entrant trainee?Answer: On the northeast corner, my feet forming a right angle, my body upright, with the right hand of the Lord Revered in the east, an upright man and Mason and I was fully responsible to walk and act this way. "- Malcolm C. Duncan, Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor .Seemingly under the boy are people dressed in business suits, like they have a strategic position, while showing the Masonic boy. Is your child a "new generation"?This blond boy very reminiscent of the golden boy who appears in the center of one of the frescoes of the Denver International Airport.

                                                            golden boy
Here is the golden boy who forges a sword in one rein. Note that the boy wears a traditional Bavarian outfit ... It refers to the Bavarian Illuminati;

          Burning bush, the woman Cube and Pyramid
An overloaded symbolismBehind the boy is a tree that is burned, which is a reference to the burning bush of the Old Testament. The burning bush is very important in Masonic ritual, especially for members of the 33rd degree, which is considered to be "close to the burning bush.""In the book of Exodus says that while Moses was guarding his flock Iothor Mount Horeb," the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire in the middle of a bush, and there he became known for the first time in untold Name Him. This incident is mentioned in (Masonic) degree of the burning bush of the Royal Arch Degree. In all the religious systems of antiquity, fire was a symbol of divinity. And the burning bush or the bush filled no fire burns, from which came the Tetragrammaton, the symbol of the Divine Light and Truth, is in advanced degrees of Freemasonry, as in Eastern Religions in the lower, as the great source of true Masonic light. While the Supreme Councils of the 33rd degree sign on official documents as "close to the CG" or burning bush, to make known that it is in their own rite, the sole source of all Masonic instruction ".- Albert G. Mackey, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Part 1In the background is an Egyptian pyramid, the ultimate symbol of the Mysteries in the occult teachings.A strange picture of the mural is obviously a woman trapped inside a transparent cube hanging from the strings coming from the sky. Do you represent the common man who is stuck in the material world (the occult is represented by the cube) and manipulated by unseen forces from above?

To the left of the image is stairs, apparently leading to the sky, a traditional symbol representing the road lighting (illumination) / Illuminatimesa the mysteries of Freemasonry.

An engraving depicting Masonic stairs leading from the Masonic floor somewhere "outside".

                                    Black Sun
The sky is a black sun, another symbol of an internal matter. The Hermetic traditions teach that there were two suns, and an invisible ether made from pure "philosophical gold" and a material, except that the profane can see, known as Black Sun.In alchemy, the black sun (Sol niger) is the name of the outcome of the first phase of the Opus Magnum. The alchemical Magnum Opus (or Great Work), begins with the "tan" - the firing of crude metals - and ends with transmutation into pure gold.Today, the symbol of Black Sun is mainly linked to domestic / intimate Nazi occult sects such as the Temple of Set. It is also odd in places such as:At Bracken House, London. Black Sun resembles the face of WinstonChurchill.... And, once again, the Denver International Airport.
The design of the floor shows a black sun moves in front of the Golden Sun.The mural seems right, therefore, represents the first step of the "Great Work" to be met, as symbolically represented by the black sun. Men dressed in suits (one of the oddly similar to AdamWeishaupt - founder of the Illuminati), appears to be preparing a new generation of Masonic youth. Meanwhile, the "blasphemous" seems to be 'relaxed' in a translucent cube, controlled by invisible puppeteers.                              
                             The Middle Mural
The median mural, Chaos / Creativity, depicts a troubled transition. Many details in the paintings that describe this deep turmoil, which seems to affect all of society and culture.Find military and religious figures, people protesting and much more.
Power lines, nets and soldiers in the streets telling the audience that this period of unrest is also a time of oppression (Iraq?). Neither the nun looks very happy.
The left panel is a person wearing a biohazard suit, which suggests some kind of chemical warfare.For this reason and many others, I find this painting very similar to one of the frescoes of the airport in Denver ... the most foul.
This fresco from the airport shows a militaristic figure wearing a gas mask and oppresses an endless series of sad people. Chemical War, military repression, dead babies ... everything is there to make this ugly picture?
If you look at the top of the mural, we translucent beings to spin with fire, which might imply that the disorder also occurs in a metaphysical, cosmic or astral plane.
This fiery circular shape can also be likened to the sun. The pale gold color and transparency of data, can be connected to the intermediate stage of the great alchemical work called "bleaching." The Jungsygkrine this step with the dawn, preparing for the next and final stage, which is the sunrise, which is characterized by its red color.Which is, of course, the most dominant color of the left mural.

                                  Left Mural
The mural on the left is supposedly focused on the theme "Making / Building. The main form of the mural is a worker holding a shovel, showing that the job is finished. The back pocket is a red piece of cloth, a symbolic detail in this picture. There is indeed a great emphasis on red color in this mural, which, as mentioned above, is also the color associated with the final step of the alchemical Magnum Opus: Rubedo, the "Project Red".In the occult teachings, the alchemical transformation can occur at many levels: hardware, where raw metals transmuted into pure gold, but also spiritual and philosophical level, where the profane man is "regenerated man." The secret-society, everyone is considered to be the theme of alchemical transformation. Is said to be an imperfect plane needed to "mutate into gold, to reflect the heavens, according to the hermetic maxim" as above, so below. "Is the New World Order the" Great Work "of the occult elite?

                           The sleeping giant
Is he dead or asleep? And what does the "EQ";A curious detail of the mural is this mixed with earth man who is obviously in deep sleep ... or buried? It also reminds the (disturbing) little boy sleeping in the murals at the airport in Denver.
A helpless little boy sleeping (or dead) with a red cloak
What is the meaning of the murals?

Like most elite art, the murals displayed at the headquarters of Bank of America, the largest bank in America, telling a story to be decoded by those who know. The paintings seem to depict three stages of transformation of the world - planning, chaos and achieve - and color-coded to be commensurate with the three stages of Hermetic alchemy: Nigredo (blackness), Albedo (whiteness) and Rubedo ( redness). The paintings are clearly many similarities to the frescoes of the Denver International Airport, which also reflect the progressive stages of a thorough change of society after a period of intense turmoil.The first mural shows a wide range of occult symbols, some of which refer to Freemasonry. This is impressive, as the painting in the lobby of the headquarters of the most dominant bank in the United States is not in any Masonic Lodge ... but maybe there is some overlap. Those who are "insiders" and privy to the mysteries are the ones who are qualified to complete the planning process, which in this table seem to be men in suits, whose ties with matching red and white floor checkerboard and are making plans for future generations, represented by the Masonic blonde boy.The second mural, civil disturbances, riots, protests and repression all taking place.Historically, the masses often lead to an outright rebellion when their living conditions have deteriorated considerably when they are extremely unpopular policies. Does this piece refers to the loss of civil liberties and the rise of police state? There is also a metaphysical dimension to the picture, by the rotation of naked bodies, which appear as the sun, which means that the turbulent case a cosmic level.The last mural gives the impression that the "mission accomplished" with the imposing presence of the worker supervisor, and sent the message that 'work is never completely integrated "as workers continue to work hard in the back. This is reminiscent of the movie Metropolis, where a group of employees working underground in silence as slaves away to keep the utopia of the elite. I also can not forget the 33 Chilean miners looking at these workers ...


The frescoes of the Bank of America is another example of the agenda of the elite who are "hidden from public view." These giant pictures that can see them all, but are designed to be understood by few, describing the philosophy of the ruling elite, the occult knowledge, and their plans for the future. As with all art, it is possible to interpret these paintings at many levels and reach different conclusions. However, it is difficult to ignore the recurring themes found in "Sinister Sites" described in TheVigilant Citizen (ie Citizens alert): widespread intimate symbolism, heralding a "new era" contempt for the 'profane masses' festival of oppression and war, etc.. Comparing the frescoes of Bank of America with projects in the Denver airport and the Georgia Guidestones, we can find a certain consistency of notation, their position and their message. This leads me to believe that the same group is behind all these sites and many others. Whatever, we know some things for sure: they are extremely wealthy, extremely powerful and you really do not like at all ... because you're not one of them.