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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Taiwan pavilion Shanghai Expo 2010 -The future is here

One more day, so come the new year.
But I want to remember, an international exhibition held in Shanghai this year,
and see the world that will come tomorrow ,and describe a memory from the distant for the younger born, 1975. Being a student in Milan, I first saw in a storefront shop, a small box filled with black buttons, and small red letters and numbers , the calculator.
Who can imagine, what we see today.
Indeed, imagine that someone , how would feel if he came with a time machine, in this international exhibition, will surely think it will be another planet, and we are the aliens.
Let's see a little dose of this international exhibition.

Michael Balaroutsos

Taiwan pavilion

‧Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
‧Taipei World Trade Center

‧DA CIN Construction Co., Ltd.
‧YAOX Edutainment Co. Ltd., Taipei
‧GL Events (Shanghai)

Mountain, Water, & Lantern of the Heart - Nature‧Spirit‧City

The Taiwan Pavilion Expo 2010 uses multi-layered multimedia performances to convey the building’s core concept, “Mountain, Water, & Lantern of the Heart.” In day and night two different appearances, visitors from around the world will marvel at the huge LED ball representing “The Heart of Taiwan” and its lantern screen which projects a wide array of spectacular views of the island that echo one another. The concrete LED ball is constantly encircled by moving virtual images, including thousands of flying butterflies and a deep-sea experience. Taiwan’s creativity, sustainability of nature and local arts are among other stunning themes and visions that the Pavilion will share with the world.....
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Pavilion of Future

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