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Monday, January 10, 2011

Spear Tower in Serbia - eVolo | Architecture Magazine

Spear tower is a five-star luxury hotel designed by architecture students Milica Stankovic and Vuk Djordjevic from Belgrade University in Serbia. The main idea was to create a high-rise hotel as a new land-mark for the city. The tower is 201 meters tall and has 80,000 square meters of space. The structure itself consists of an inner core and an outer shell as a chamfered triangle supported by seven rotated trusses. Green floors are repeated every six floors while extended green floors are open-space gardens accessible to guests and visitors. The gap between the inner core and the extended trusses provides an excellent source of natural ventilation to the entire building. The hotel has four restaurants, three bars, a large conference area, a wellness center, an art gallery, a library, several shopping areas, and over 250 rooms.
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Spear Tower in Serbia - eVolo | Architecture Magazine

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