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Monday, February 21, 2011

Villa El suenio In mount Pelion-Volos, Greece

Architectural Design :                  Michael Balaroutsos Architect & Associates

Structural Design :                       Michael Balaroutsos Architect & Associates                                                                             
                                                   John Tzavellos   Civil Engineer
Facilities :                                   Michael Balaroutsos Architect & Associates
                                                   Tasos Fasoulidis      Electrical Mechanical                                                                         

Landscape Architecture :            Michael Balaroutsos  Architect  & Associates                                                                               

Art Design :                                                        Helen Aglaini-Gina Taktikoy

Michael Balaroutsos Architect
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[email protected]
[email protected]

This is a rural house designed according to the traditional architecture. So, much build from stone and cover four sides with a roof, wooden windows and doors in traditional styles.
In another chapter I'll show you on, the architecture of Mount Pelion, (the mountain of the Centaurs). The first glance at the villa, is the name and the perimeter fence, which reminiscent of Mexican architecture.
The combination of tall fence with local stone and wooden doors give a NEW character and a taste of what we see going inside. An inscription on a ceramic oval enameled plate, impressed us immediately by name,
The homeowner living many years in Mexico, and having traveled many times in Latin America, wanted to add a ton of memories.

Crossing the stone path, between alleys planted with olive and laurel. which leads to the two-storey building.

Come across the pool, next there is a small detached guesthouse. Nearby is the barbecue. A unique design castled by a stone wall and a carved wooden pillar which came from Cancun. The small traditional bakery, in the center waiting for the chef to improvise with the delicious local dishes.

Going TO the bulk of the building, found the metal pergola-like little Carousel (for the sake of the children of the family) and entering the main entrance, reveals the Ethnic environmental living room.
Striking feature here is the fireplace with a purely Mexican character and the open wooden roof.

The traditional handcrafted furniture, steal our attention several times with beautiful designs, while the stone walls dominate the bright colors of the decorations. The plastered walls are painted with a special style antique, giving a dynamic feel to the space.

On the second floor there is still an impressive fireplace in bright colors that dominates the small living room.
But what impresses more comfortable, is the style of the bathrooms of the house.
Two small wc and main bathroom are unique.

The stone basin of the bath and carbon paints, takes us in ancient times

To conclude this small tour, we are left with the feeling that the house we built, is very friendly and dares to live. It's better than to have only the photos of a magazine.
Watching it in time, I am glad to see it change form.

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