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Monday, March 7, 2011

Reforesting Tower in Benidorm, Spain - eVolo | Architecture Magazine

source eVolo magazine
Benidorm is a Spanish town that enjoys a pleasant semi-arid Mediterranean weather. It attracts thousands of tourists to its pristine waters and beaches. In the last few years it has been affected by unregulated construction that destroyed most of its vegetation with catastrophic consequences. There has been an increase in temperature, reduction of humidity, and long summer droughts.
Urbanarbolísmo is an urban proposal that preserves and improves the environment through a series of ‘reforesting towers’ with minimal footprint and a green façade that collects, recycle, and inject rainwater into the soil. The ‘reforesting tower’ is a tension structure inspired by the Collserola Tower. Its core is reinforced by radial trusses connected to traction cables attached to ground structures.
Designed by Luis Alberto Hernández and Jordi Serramia

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