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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Subway Stations in Moscow

The Subway in Moscow deserves a special visit.   You will have the opportunity to go thru these images and appreciate Moscow’s Subway Stations’ Architecture
Work on the Subway started in 1930 - Its length is approx. 256 km (159Miles), actually the subway has 138 stations, and the most beautiful stations are located near the center of the capital.

A Special Visit is very impressive to the foreign tourists,  who will think they’re in a museum or even a palace with very spacious hallways.

One is pleasantly surprised by the marvelous decorations, by the monumental richness of the marble decorations: medalions, columns, mosaics & sculptures that display the Great Events in Russian History

For example, in Revolution Square Station , The Bronze statues represent  revolutionaries in 1917 «Red Octomber», in Komsomolskïa Station - Kutuzov maybe seen, who beat  Napoleon, in Kievskaïa Station , Peter The Great at the Battle of Poltavain Teatranlaïa Station there are ballerinas in national costumes and columns of flowers.

During World War II, The Moscow Subways, due to its depth, offered shelter for thousands of moskowites during the Aerial bombings.

Each year the Subway Lines get longer and get deeper into the far away
Suburbs where new subway stations are built Subway is extended to
 Remote districts and metro stations are built new, where the
 architecture is sober.

Subway in Moscow houses 9 lines which are color coded on large signs helping passengers to go where they need to.
Subway hours are between 5:30 a.m. ―1:30a.m. trains come at 1 minute intervals, sometimes even less especially during the evening hours.
……….continue to view the following photos.










                                                                           Park Kultury

Ploshad Revoluţia

Prospekt Mira


This is the End of our Virtual tour of the Moscow Subway System

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