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Friday, January 28, 2011

STUDENTS PROJECTS - Indoor sports hall in Alexandroupoli

Indoor sports hall in Alexandroupoli

Indoor sports hall in Alexandroupoli

The sports center is designed to be harmonious with the environment, but also to become a landmark of the area with the swimming centre next to it.

Student: Papadopoulou Despoina
Supervisors: Koukopoulos Stamatis, Karamanou Zoi
Department of Architecture, A.U.TH
Presentation Date: 30/9/2010


Permitted coverage: 50%
Building Factor (SF): 0.8
Maximum height: 18,00 m

Permitted coverage: 22.146,10 x 0,5 = 11.073,05 m2
Permitted construction: 22.146,10 x 0,8 = 17.716,88 m2
Maximum height: 18,00 m

PARKINGRequired = (space sports / 250) + (number of viewers / 25)
= (1786,00 m2 / 250) + (2500/25)
= 7 + 100 = 107 parking spaces.

Coverage: 7952,45 m2 / 22.146,10 m2 = 0,36 = 36% <50%
Building Factor (SF): 15.194,04 m2 / 22.146,10 m2 = 0,7 <0 8
Maximum height: 15,15 + 2,45 = 17,60 m <18,00 m
Proposed parking = 135> 107


The sports center is designed to be harmonious with the environment, but also to become a landmark of the area with the swimming centre next to it.
The building consists of reinforced concrete, while the roof is a system of metal trusses. The facades have been covered by a skin with sheets of fibre-c, which combines the advantages of concrete and glass. That is one possible material while pliable, durable, which protects against fire, is thin in profile and lightweight. The material consists of a special mold concrete reinforcement fiber glass.
The absence of metallic reinforcement in concrete allows the creation of very thin components.This material has been used in two colors on the facades of the building, creating frameworks that bind the openings of the first and second level of the building facades, but also emphasized the entrances of the building. Thereby differentiating aspects of tumors that can accommodate different activities and this contributes to corrugated housing.


This type of roof also gives a more harmonious feel to the whole composition.
The building is semi-interred so the height above ground level not to exceed 18.00 m, which is the maximum the building can reach. This first level is the level of -1.70 m, contains the training room, locker rooms, rooms for coaches, wc, office, administration offices, electromechanical installations (H / T), and the main gym - sports dimensions 47.00 mx 38.00 m . At this level there is the entrance of the athletes.


At the second level, located at level +1.25 m, are the entrances of the building, both for viewers and for the official (VIP'S), and the press. At this level we find areas of common relief, wc, and concentrations of the hall provided by the regulations.
In order to help people who have mobility problems (share capital increase) has a suitable configuration in a complex dressing. Also, to facilitate this special class children athletes and spectators have made the construction of ramps gentle slope (6%), leading to two levels of the building.


The whole composition of the building with overall dimensions 84.30 mx 84.60 m and a height of 17.60 m, was made in accordance with the requirements of GS and are treated accordingly, and the facilities / M, and static issues (use of plates with prestressing).


SITES ON SPORTS CENTER (base standard)
The main gymnasium is a single space uninterrupted by any building or other data with net dimensions of 46.00 m x 30.00 m and a minimum headroom whatsoever 12.50 m.


The complex of auxiliary rooms of the hall consists of areas for the sport, coaches, referees, etc., locations and logistics / M facilities.
Specifically, the main supporting facilities are:
  • Locker for athletes
  • Coaches Lockers
  • Locker referees
  • Office Administration
  • Doctor's office
  • Physiotherapy room and SAUNA
  • Meeting room
  • WC administrative staff
  • Fitness Training Room
  • Warehouse (s) of fitness
  • Storage room workout
  • Store cleaning total
  • Log in locker rooms (with windshield)
  • Offices
  • H / T sites
The tiers of seats are made from fixed and mobile, which will be built parallel to the long axis of the main hall and to the two major aspects. Permanent grandstands hold 2,136 spectators, of which 360 are reserved for dignitaries (VIP'S) and the press. The folding - mobile stands can accommodate approximately 400 spectators. Furthermore they are calculated to 12 places and share capital increase The boxes are tiers of fixed width 0.45 cm and depth 0.50 cm, while the folding 0.45 cm x 0.45 cm.
Also from the stands is guaranteed free of all visible viewers across the length and width of the room, without any hindrance whatsoever.
The parameters taken into account in resolving and mapping visibility for both groups of rows are:
Target: As a point of targeting obtained the lateral boundary of the site's handball (handball).
Viewer's eye height from the floor of radius 1.25 m, while the seat surface 0.85 m.
Difference of ray vision in each eye point of 0.10 m, at least.

Acceptable heights levels: 0.36 to 0.55 m
The principal (excluding stadium) facilities of the public are:
  • accesses to and from the stands (stairs)
  • Login with windshield - foyer
  • Canteens - Bar
  • Stock canteen
  • Lounge - Hall gatherings
  • WC (groups of men - women)

Also the key areas of service for representatives of the written and electronic press (media) are:
  • Press Room
  • WC

Finally scheduled a special place for the reception of official (VIP'S).
The surroundings of the gym include:
  • accesses to and from the complex (cars - pedestrians)
  • parking
  • green spaces