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Friday, March 18, 2011

STUDENTS PROJECTS - Public School of Cinema


Public School of Cinema

Public School of Cinema

The subject of this final project is the study of a Public School of Cinema. We selected this subject due to the fact that in Greece it exists only one corresponding public institution, which is located in Thessalonica, and does not allocate sufficient facilities.

Students: Aleksiadis Nikos, Tourtoglou Nikos, Frantzi - Gounari Danai
Consultan Professors: Xaidopoulos Giorgos, Moraitis Kostas
School of architecture, n.t.u.a.
We place the faculty at Piraeus str. aiming:
  • to strengthen the cultural character of this central axis
  • to be close to institutions with similar educational and cultural character
The basic synthetic tools which are used during the entire planning are:
  • the way we cope with Piraeus Str. To create a shield which protects the complex from sound pollution, the first volume is pulled away from the border of the street and a filter of trees is placed along the façade. Additionally we create a central open space at a lower level (comparing to the level of the street) increasing the feeling of privacy while the main entrance is placed to the side of the site (on Tavrou Str.)
  • thecreation of six individual buildings. The first two of these different volumes are placed close to the main roads surrounding the site due to their public character, as they house the library, the exhibition hall, a small cinema and other recreational spaces. Reaching the central open space we come across with the three main educational buildings, each of which represents a specific phase of the film production (development of image, sound, material). Finally we place the filming studio at the back side of the site.
  • movement levels. The main course that goes through the site, and therefore through the central open space, is on level - 4.90 m and is supported from a secondary one on level ± 0.00. The complex gains continuity by the use of a bridge, which connects the different buildings, while symbolizing the production line of a film. At the points where the bridge meets with the concrete volumes, transitional spaces are created (metal structures) which serve vertical movements. This system, of transitional spaces, gives the opportunity to the user to observe the same objects from various angles, heights, distances and lighting conditions, offering him a "lesson" of how the camera can capture different frames.

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