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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The earthquake in Japan was premeditated?

I 'm go Crazy with conspiracy theories. I found this article to a friendly website and could not resist the temptation.
Uploading immediately, and your own conclusions ..

The earthquake in Japan was premeditated? .. Made by human hands?
Threatening Japan long ago! View Videos

They managed to destroy the national currency of Japan? Υen?

Before you start saying anything see this video:

Watch the video at the beginning (for approximately 30 seconds) an object in the sky ... run ....
Then read for those who do not know the text below and then miss the next video below:

HAARP, are the initials refer to High-frequency Active Aural Research Programme. In fact, this is a terrifying weapon system electromagnetic radiation which is developed by the U.S. consistently since 1987. This is a system where "perfected" will be able to cause changes in the climate of a selected area, closure and destruction of all electrical and electronic devices in a specific place, unprecedented magnitude earthquakes, holes in the ionosphere, lightning incredible intensity, up control of the human brain by low-frequency emission similar to the human!
This idea began in the late 19th century by the renowned natural Tesla. The H.A.A.R.P. consists of an antenna system, through which electrical waves generated by specific power plants is put on a super dish. Waves through the ionosphere spill multiply the strength of radiomagnitikis frequency (at an advanced stage of planning will reach 10 billion Watt) and directed to desired locations. The first phase of testing took place in Alaska, where he has created a huge antenna system and the information leaked talk about two other places in the world, the icy Norway and at Akrotiri in Cyprus.
What can cause the HAARP
Where they end these enormous power electromagnetic waves occurring dramatic and irreversible changes.
First created enormous environmental damage by creating holes in the ionosphere in the worst scenario and excessive thinning of the atmosphere in the most optimistic scenario, the effect of the Earth and living organisms at the mercy of ultraviolet radiation (of course the responsibility of the program argue simply that it's like when you put your hand in the water hole is created, but when the draw closes).
Also in the diluted region of the atmosphere over an area does not have the flashing of lightning, so they arrive with incredible intensity on the ground. The Earth will be electrically charged and the temperature rises, thus accentuating the greenhouse effect. With the impact of radiation in the ionosphere radiomagnitikis parts are pushed to higher and the gap will be created will rush to cover other air masses from adjacent areas, which in turn would leave a gap to be filled by others and so on, with resulted in the Earth's atmosphere phenomenon "Domino." We will change the whole climate selected areas with massive flooding, prolonged droughts, etc.
The H.A.A.R.P. will be able to paralyze any electrical and electronic equipment in selected areas, this implies that (stopping machine to hospital intensive care unit, inactivation of each frequency, interruption of communication with aircraft control tower, destroying satellites, etc.). Also if radiomagnitika waves diverted to the subsurface, it is very probable that challenge biblical earthquakes. And we come to influence the use of HAARP in living beings, which is the most shocking scenario. In accordance with sound scientific research and experiments are possible, by the emission of electromagnetic waves at certain frequencies and coordination with the respective human, affecting the functioning of the human brain. Experiments have shown that certain low-frequency confounding function of the human (all animals) brain, reaching up to the point of control. The report and on such frequencies for prolonged periods can cause terrible damage to the body ranging from migraines, unexplained irritability, sadness, depression and reach the cancer and the alteration of DNA with horrific consequences not only victims but also to future generations .
Watch the video:


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