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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

STUDENTS PROJECTS -F2E2 Form Follows Energy Efficiency


Form Follows Energy Efficiency

Student : YiannisTzimas
Supervisors: Aris Tsagkrasoulis, Dimitris Filippitzis
University of Thessaly
Presentation Date: 06/06/2009
"Sustainable architecture" is the practice of designing, constructing and maintaining buildings in a way that their environmental impact is minimized. One of the most important aspects of sustainable design is energy efficiency - a drive to reduce the amount of energy a building consumes over its life-span. According to Royal Australian Institute, to not make the most efficient use of energy in any form of building is an unethical architectural practice.

All though the above statement is pretty self explanatory, as well as very well spread and accepted in its basis globally, keeps on challenging contemporary architects in many different ways, mainly because it stresses out loudly architecture's responsibilities on global environmental degradation and energy deficiencies.

The international community dealing since late seventies with the exhaustion of the natural recourses is been saturated by endless financial analysis and specific experts discussions while most of the time the main corresponding issue is been left out of them. Human habitation should be again in the center of the relevant discussion in order to pose the question the right way and acquire efficient answers. Sustainable solutions on our planet's energy and environmental problems then can be expected to emerge.

F2E2( Form Follows Energy Efficiency) is a study which aims to be a leading project for housing in warm climate conditions.

Project's objective is to enter the theoretical and practical discourse of design energy efficient sustainable houses while maintain efficient in all architectural perspectives.

The case of study and subject for discussion is a three house cluster in Kritharia Magnisias near by city of Volos in Greece.

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