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Friday, March 4, 2011

Identified five "new findings" metopes of the Parthenon-Fortunately. These, escaped the attention of the Greatest Thief, Elgin

The southern wall of the Acropolis identified five metopes of the Parthenon, elaborate white marble Penteli, which had escaped the attention of Elgin.
 The Greek archaeologists recently discovered its existence after the photogrammetric mapping done on the walls of the Acropolis.

Scientists estimate that the 18th century used the work to repair the fortifications of the Acropolis.
Trojan War
Archaeologists believed until now that the metopes were damaged by the explosion of Morosini in 1687.
The new findings suggest, however, that the temple pieces fell inside and collected later be incorporated into the wall.
The metopes were identified after processing 2250 photos, taken with modern methods for photogrammetric mapping of the walls of the Acropolis.
The treatment that followed, the new found valuable archaeological "discovery," which boils down to at least five of the Parthenon metopes.
The fragments are at the southern wall and is expected to come from the south side of the Parthenon.
The fragments are a fraction of the total of 92 metopes of the Parthenon, showing Giants on the east side, in the western Amazon, the Trojan War in the north and the south Centauromachy.
Trojan War
However, what show would look after the dismantling of their position.


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