Thursday, August 4, 2011

Enjoy Silence Affected Nana Nestoros

a new Poetic Message from our beloved Nana Nestoros

Enjoy silence, as Sun slides away on my arm
Absorbed by the moon to a folly distant star
Drinking together a melted sunrise on a tall cocktail glass
Enjoying the silence dripping in my mouth
Drops of eternal poisonous solitude
Hatching my heart with warmth of a lonely sunbeam
Smiling at my existence with irony in sky’s eyes
Enjoying silence as I walk away
Leaving behind You and Myself
Watching them hand-in-hand and parting away
To distant mountains
Lonely hills
Wuthering tops
Then my heart stops
As my breath flies with its blue shimmering wings
To find the peace in your wet lips
To find, to seek, to embrace the skin of your everlasting abundance
Of loosing me
From your side

~ 17:15 25-07-2011, Nana Nestoros ~

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