Sunday, March 25, 2012

A kiss of Death

This stunning sculpture is part of the cemetery Poblenou Barcelona.
A kiss of Death (El Peto de la Mort in Catalan and El Beso de la Muerte in Spanish) dated to 1930. A winged skeleton gives a kiss on the cheek of a beautiful young man: this is ecstasy in the face, or the fatal acceptance?
The sculpture is a small miracle gives us many and varied responses depending on the angle that will look.

Rather than portray death as a winged angel, the sculptor chooses a frame. The eroticism of the kiss does not pass unnoticed, the youth's death as a welcome companion. This imposing statue is romantic and scary at the same time. In spilled creates mixed feelings and questions revolving around the youth and the futility of life, prosperity and decay, love and loss. It attracts and repels simultaneously and creates the desire to touch is so intense and the desire to go away.

There are various theories about the creator of this amazing work of art in white marble. Assigned to Jaume Barba but it may be created by Joan Fontbernat. Located in the most distant corner of the cemetery and is said to have inspired  Bergman for his film «The Seventh Seal».

Located in the tomb of weavers Josep Llaudet Soler and base is engraved with the equally impressive inscription:

                                            "The youthful heart, then, went out.

                                               The blood froze in his veins.

                                                   All his strength left him.

                                                    Faith has triumphed

                                         with the fall of the arms of Death.
                                                              Amen. "

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