Monday, February 6, 2012

Encuentro Guadalupe

Scattered along the sloping terrain of Valle de guadalupe, Mexico, 'End矇mico Resguardo Silvestre' is a cluster of twenty hotel rooms, designed by San Diego-based practice Gracia Studio. Positioned within a landscape of vineyards, each ecoloft has panoramic vistas overlooking the scenic valley below. Placed upon steel stilts, the 20 square meter cubes hover above the rocky ground, minimally interfering with the savannah continuing underneath. Corten steel was selected to surface the small structures, aging with time to blend into the rustic hues of the encompassing nature. Eith each unit strategically oriented to unobstructed views directed towards the valley, guests may close their personal entry door and feel isolated in nature. Attached to each cabin, a personal patio and fireplace allow for comfortable lounging outside. The 99 hectare complex is completed with a nearby winery and pool.



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