Sunday, February 12, 2012

Working ... in Wonderland!

The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania-Pittsburgh and deals with inventions, launching over 2,000 new products each year. The «Inventionland», as it is called, employs approximately 250 employees, all of them creative and innovative people.
The «Inventionland», however, is no ordinary company. The offices are housed in an area of 7,000 square meters, which refers to children's fairy tale, with employees every day to be "heroes" of a somewhat "Wonderland"!
The owner George Davison gave great importance in shaping and in the decoration of offices, having a single purpose: to inspire people and make them more efficient, which was achieved in full.
And how else, after all, having created 15 different places, each of which is reminiscent of children's theme park, with pirate ships, tree houses and giant shoes to be at the forefront ... and lakes and waterfalls complement the scenery!

There he placed the desks, computers and meeting rooms to "inspire the staff of the eccentricity of the space," says the owner and adds:
"We want people to get bored at work and look at the clock when you leave. The space should inspire employees. So they become more creative and inventive yet! Moreover, this is our job. The invention is an art ... art and inspiration and imagination need to be good and original! "

The result? The productivity has increased while the vertical efficiency of staff demonstrates the best way that when the "story" progresses beside you every moment you can only participate in this as another hero of an imaginary "Wonderland"!

Check out more photos of the workspace below, courtesy of Davison Inventionland’s Flickr.

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