Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some Cinemas with ...... style

Move chairs with foot rests, cocktail champagne, vintage atmosphere in plasma screen and 4D technology coming soon at a Theatre near you.
Even if the systems home Theatre are becoming more and better, those for the emotions which offer the cinemas is still alive and able to shoulder many of the hot bolsters. Several classic cinemas monitor the advanced technologies and συντροφεύουν the evenings of viewers with intelligent events, in an attempt to get married the style of the past with the technology of the future, the good old movies become culture centers into the neighborhood.

The Raj Mandir, Jaipur, India
This Bollywood movie palace, is a hidden treasure, where spectators are sitting in positions, whose name is a precious gem. It was built in the 1970 and is easily recognizable by its pink facade and the interior lobby is a
retro ballroom in pastel colors, like ice cream.
Alamo Drafthouse, Austin, Texas
In this chain of cinemas, viewers do not have to put the mobile in silent mode only, but also are prohibited the messages during the viewing of the film. Also, many times should eat only when they do the same the actors in the movie or for enter in the hall you must be dressed like a character of the movie. Otherwise, stay home.

ReRun Cinema, Brooklyn, New York
Those who choose to see a movie on screen hexameter, here may be low the back of an old car seat - position, choose from several varieties of gourmet popcorn and many kinds of beer.

Cinémathèque Française, Paris 
The landmark of French cinema after the Second World War, helped directors such as Truffaut and Godard and recently moved into a modern complex on the banks of Seine. This which started in 1930 as the effort to a new form of entertainment has been transformed into one of the largest cinematographic archives material.

Sun Pictures Cinema, Broome, Australia
Built from sheet metal and wood in 1916 to entertain the locals in the city Outback, is the oldest outdoor cinema image in the world. A businessman assisted to be saved immutable, so the seats are still sun deck and if you go to the toilet, get in "Humphrey's" if you're a man or "Vivien's" if you're a woman.

Kennedy School, Portland
A former elementary school, is now a 35 room hotel with restaurant and an eccentric cinema, which is housed in the old auditorium of 300 seats with movies and menus to suit all tastes.

Colosseum Kino, Oslo, Norway
The largest cinema in Northern Europe like the huge gray dome like a spaceship that landed in Scandinavia, and was built in 1921. At 90 years of life there was never behind in the course οf technology.

The Electric Cinema, London
When Notting Hill became α movie, this "cosy" corner became famous as both the story of Julia Robert and Hugh Grant. It remains a comfortable hideout leather sofas with footrests and an aperitif of champagne from a rarely stocked bar.

Cine Acapulco, Havana
Havana had more than 130 cinemas in the golden era from 1930-1950, and now only one third will remain open. The Cine Acapulco since 1958 stands out as the ultimate luxury cinema of the period before Castro. Designed in a contemporary style with wood trim and huge mirrors still shows movies, sometimes with air conditioning.

The Cine de Chef, Seoul
For VIP lovers of cinema and the unique way who know how to enjoy a dinner and a movie. Only for 30 persons remind private room of projections has armchairs with footstools and conveniently coffee tables .
Whilst someone else park your car, can take the lift to the restaurant for dinner,after pass the room, which
has a waiter.
The expected ticket price, starts from 50 euros.

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