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Terry O'Neill has chosen the best photographically portraits. See ten of the best

The top photographer Terry O'Neill has his own top ten of favorite photos of portraits, which has not been alone to pull it. From Muhammad Ali to Audrey Hepburn and from Winston Churchill up to Angelina Jolie.

Winston Churchill
Was 1941 when Winston Churchill stood in front of the camera lens of Canadian Karsh. According to O'Neill, the portrait is classic and reminiscent of old oil painting.

Audrey Hepburn

In this photo we see the funny side of Audrey Hepburn, which is in a pool and it turns out her tongue. Photographer? Terry O'Neill himself who remembers how the shooting took place in San Tropez during filming of the movie Two For The Road 1967 with the actor to detests the water.
Muhammad Ali
The photographer of Sports Illustrated, Neil Leifer, photographed in 1965 Muhammad Ali, during a match with Sonny Liston. This photo for O'Neill is one of the best in the sports track. And for good reason.

Marilyn Monroe
Three times is met with Bert Stern Marilyn Monroe for Vogue magazine in June of '62, 6 weeks before the death of the actress. According to Terry O'Neill this portrait of Marilyn is timid but also very clever.

Elizabeth Taylor
The identity of the photographer who did this portrait is unknown but for O'Neill could be comfortably magazine cover.

Angelina Jolie
The photo with Angelina Jolie shot by George Holz in 1998 when the actress mostly occupied by rows. Terry O'Neill chose her because while you were not famous, the photo "screams" that it is a star.
American Soldier
W Eugene Smith are the favorite photographer of Terry O'Neill as well obsessed with the detail, the precise portrait of the soldier, its touched.

Anthony Blunt
Lord Snowdon with the photographic lens, Anthony Blunt immortalized in a portrait, which according to O'Neill, has the transparency of Picasso.

Afghan woman refugee
The photojournalist Steve McCurry photographed in 1985 a 12 year old girl, a refugee from Afghanistan. Sharbat Gula was the cover of National Geographic in the same year. "It is truly an excellent photograph. Her eyes burn the page," says Terry O'Neill.

Terence Stamp
In 1967, Terence Donovan
photographed Terence Stamp, during the filming of Far From The Madding Crowd. Terry O'Neill had himself photograph together with the actor Jean Shrimpton, picture so far for be one best seller.

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