Sunday, February 19, 2012

Α few moments at the port.

by Michael Balaroutsos architect
For Argiris Zafiridis I rewrite, that is a star of photography with the unique technique, which elevate him in a impressionist photographer.Often his work is more like a painting than to a photo.
Lover of the city of Volos (Greece), you will see him in unlikely moments riding with the bike, to immortalize with his camera, the life and objects that would attract the attention, through the colors and details, through the sea and the sky, through the rain and sun.
I shall try very soon to introduce some more of his lovely work.
However let's enjoy together a few moments at the port.
happy weekend
alone on the dock
Good morning

Good morning and warm greetings from Volos...!
just blue
Happy Valentine's Day!
raining morning

reflection.... a lovely morning to you all!

the rest


stand by
the last in town

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Αργ.Ζαφειριδης said...

Αγαπητε Μιχαλη, σ ευχαριστω πολυ για το υπεροχο αφιερωμα... απλα προσπαθω να κρατω την καθημερινοτητα ζωντανη στην μνημη μου... νασαι καλα!