Friday, February 24, 2012

Istanbul disaster prevention + education centre by ARCHSTRUKTURA

Moscow-based studio ARCHSTRUKTURA designed "the tree of edutainment" as an entry for the thyssenkrupp elevator istanbul disaster prevention + education center competition.
Scheme proposes 3 staircase cores, public, service and freight elevators cores as main structural elements. structurally design considers seismic conditions of the region - using rotating symmetry of main structural elements, rigid concrete cores and lightweight spacial metal structure.
Main circulation provided via escalators, also elevators could be used.
Functions are organized around action atrium. Atrium not just empty space - it a kind of threedimensional orientation stage, a place from where one can observe all parts of complex, and look how they are functioning, how people are performing and learning. In front of man - whole universe of actions, and above through open sliding floor of planetarium - stars. Conference hall also overlooking to the atrium through the double sided projecting media screen. Finally action atrium used as space for holographic shows. most spaces are designed flexible. roof garden is located at the top levels serve as observation platform and sky park.
Building facades represent multilayered shell acting as huge media screen create mysterious image at night.

architects:       ARCHSTRUKTURA
location:          Istanbul, Turkey
year:               2011

design team:    Anton Nagavitsyn, Vlad Ryabov
client:              Thyssenkrupp elevator

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