Tuesday, February 21, 2012

200 pots in front of a building!

The famous Italian architect Gaetano Pesce very puzzled seeing this 9-storey building of 7,052 square meters in the center of Osaka in Japan! A dull, colorless townhouse, the least that could do was to predispose him in negative mode from the first view!
For how be possible to add a bit of green in the outer, since there was no balconies anywhere? That would put the flower pots with plants? Due to great experience, but primarily due to the characteristic of creativity that distinguishes him, found the solution. And voila!
One green vertical garden got its place in front of the building, creating one of the most impressive buildings in the organic city, and even at a relatively low cost. In fact it is an excellent sample of his work, but a "milestone" in landscape architecture.
80 species of plants and trees were placed in 200 pots, which was secured on a special metal frames, and then on the exterior walls of the building. The result: An "improvised" garden creates a different picture in the center of the city, giving a good "example" to the mimetics!

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