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10 Green bikes that have non-metallic frames

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Riding bikes was always considered healthy, but now it is trendy and environmentally friendly too! The soaring oil prices have increased the demand of the humble bicycle which now comes in various stylish forms with a frame that is made of eco friendly materials rather than the usual metal. So go ride a bike, save your gas expenses and spare our earth from CO2 emissions! Here are ten such bike models that are eco friendly:

1. Audi Duo Bike

Audi in collaboration with Renovo Design, which is popular for manufacturing bikes with wooden frames, would be making bikes with "Audi" expertise. Audi plans to roll out eco friendly wooden bikes by creating monocoque frames instead of the Audi trademark material - lightweight aluminum, as wood is a better absorber of vibrations and shocks. Audi plans to add various features to the bike that make it compact apart from offering narrow tires, a 20-speed gear train and a SRAM Red and no fenders. This would surely be a road bike to look forward to and would be priced at $7460.

2. Valetudo- A three-wheeled commuter bike made from recycled plastic

The single piece frame of the Valetudo is made out of plastic that has been recycled. The body of the bike looks uber chic and also helps in hiding the metallic components such as the pedal and gear system from sight and from rusting. There are saddlebags made out of rubber that hang to the sides for storing groceries and other things. This bike is very basic in its mechanism and can also be fixed at home without the need of a specialist. The suspension system that is present at the front wheel not only assures a greater turning radius but also makes the ride very comfortable.

3. SplinterBike - A complete wooden bicycle

The SplinterBike is entirely made of wood. From the wheels to the saddle to the gear - all is made in wood and only wood. Designed by Michael Thompson, this bike makes use of different kinds of wood having different properties. For instance, oily ironwood has been used instead of metal bearing. Hardwood ekki is used for the axles whereas the handlebars and pedals are made from the handle of an old broom. The most astonishing 'wooden' feature of this bike is the drivetrain as it is not easy to make a wooden chain which is a massive 128-tooth cog that connects the gear and the chaining onto the rear wheel. The SplinterBike weight 31 kilograms, but is the fastest amongst the wooden bikes till date as it can go up to a maximum speed of 31 miles/hour.

4. Wooden Bicycle by German Students

Some students from a university in Germany designed and built a bike with a timber wood frame, however, they have used rubber tires which are non-biodegradable material. Furthermore, since the students have used timber for the frame, it straightaway leads to deforestation which again does not make this bike eco friendly and green. Hence, this bike can be termed as "semi-green".

5. 'Recycle Me' recyclable plastic folding bike

The "Recycle Me" bike has been designed by Omer Sagiv and is a foldable bicycle made out of molded plastic that can be recycled and hence has no carbon footprint. This is probably the most 'green' bike of all, and with its attractive shape and colors, it would become an instant hit with the urban dwellers. The bike also has various features such as dynamo powered lights and inbuilt rear, front and seat suspensions.

6. Izzy Plastic City Bike for green commuting

The Izzy plastic bike is another Omer Sagiv creation and is the ultimate bike made out of plastic that can make bike commuting very cool and comfortable. With various high-end features and stylish look, this bike is truly amazing. The bike has inbuilt 3-D integrated rear suspension and illumination and free standing locking mechanisms, designed for the urban bike rider. However, the fact that the Izzy is made out of plastic, does not reduce its carbon footprint, but at least it is totally emission-free. This bike is surely a great way of promoting green commuting in urban cities.

7. Innervision: Fully recyclable plastic bike

The Innervision by Matt Clark is a bike whose frame is entirely made of plastic that can be recycled. The overall look of the bike is cool and since it will be rolled out in huge numbers, it should be affordable. The bike is very light since it is made up of plastic. The prototype is made out of pure plastic. However, the other will be made out of plastic from poluproylene waste and used food containers. This bike would be an affordable two-wheeler.

8. Cardboard Bike

The Cardboard Bike has been designed by a student from Sheffield Hallam University and has been built by Phil Bridge who is a member of the Stockport bike club Wills Wheels. This unique concept of using cardboard for the frame was actually a solution to the increasing bicycle thefts that were happening in England. Cardboard is made with a honeycomb-like structure and is waterproof at the manufacturing stage. The entire frame of a single bike would take only one single sheet of cardboard that comes out to 3 pounds only. Other components of the bike like the chains and tires are purchased separately that takes up the cost to 15 pounds. The cardboard is durable enough to last for at least 6 months if used on a daily basis plus you can also paint advertisements on the frame.

9. Frii Plastic Bike designed by Dror Peleg

Designed by Dror Peleg from Jerusalem, Israel, the 'Frii' bike is made out of various kinds of plastics that have been recycled by making use of the injection molding technology. The designer aims to create a cost-effective bike that can be mass manufactured with fewer resources and with more ease in stark contrast to the traditional metallic bike. The Frii bike has tires that are made of 'complete' material that then gets injected on the rims in order to make the tires durable and insusceptible to punctures. The Frii also has bearings that are pre-inserted before injecting the mold. The wheels of the Frii are much smaller in size - 20 inches - which leads to a shorter fork and makes the bike stronger and faster. The frame also has a crank at the bottom for stability.

10. Walnut Bike Designed by Lagomorph Design

This rather expensive bike - priced at $6000 - is a real beauty if luxury is what you're looking for. The Walnut bike crafted out of black walnut wood is a stylish and intricately crafted bike that is the ultimate in comfort and luxury. This sustainable bike will not only keep the environment green, but will also give a royal look to your two-wheeler ride. This classy bike has been made by Lagomorph Design, who has also given the Walnut Bike additional high-end feature like Diacomp brakes and Mavic rims. You can enjoy your rides through rains and puddles without having to worry about rusting the chains as the chain is rust-free! An expensive luxury bike that gives green luxury to the owner!

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