Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Peaceful Lucke Orozo House by Hernandez Silva Architects

These days I took care of my apartment flowers. On winter they suffer a little bit from cold or and the reduced amount of light. It is the season when they rest a little bit, they are not so greenish and full of life. Some of them were not so well, some of them turned yellow or they even dried. I tried to clean them, poured them some water, I even changed their place or earth so now they look much better. Perhaps on spring they will come back to their initial state and will begin a new life.

In Guadalajara, Mexico there is a contemporary house called Lucke Orozco House. It is designed by Hernandez Silva Architects and its main attraction is vegetation.Lucke Orozco House is a two leveled house which offers continuing spacious areas and a peaceful atmosphere generated by the trees and plants that appear all over the place. The use of spotlights contributes to a soft light which will create some lovely private and intimate spaces. For the second level there was designed a special lattice which will allow the natural light to invade the interior and create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Concrete and wood are the main materials although there are used glass and ceramic too. Everything is modern, the number of pieces of furniture is reduced to minimum so that you may enjoy a lot of space here. The nuances of grey or natural wood complete the intimate and peaceful atmosphere where you may enjoy some incredible views from the wonderful terraces of Lucke Orozco House.{found on contemporist}.

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